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HD500 Output issue. How to set Direct to the XLR and AMP to the 1/4
by linuxusr on 2011-08-30 10:15:53.8600

So I found out that the HD300 & 400 has a switch on the back for setting the output as Direct (Live) or Amp(Studio) mode. With a middle setting called "Dual". If you set it to this it will run Direct mode out the XLR's and AMP mode out the 1/4 unbalanced outs.

My question is how do I do this in the 500? When I go to the output mode in the user interface there is only a master setting that changes all out's. When I play on stage I go direct to the board and run a amp on stage as a monitor.

And my one improvement suggestion

I love the new unit but REALLY REALLY REALLY miss the X3 lives option of being able to adjust the 1/4 unbalanced output level independantly from the studio XLR outs.

Thanks everyone

Re: HD500 Output issue. How to set Direct to the XLR and AMP to the 1/4
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-08-30 10:34:42.3990


Simple answer: you cannot do this with the HD500 as it stands currently.

More complex answer: There are workarounds, some of which are morer effective than others.  I dug into this issue in quite some depth earlier on this year and found that the best option is to work on the sound you want from your on-stage guitar rig and then to place an active DI box with cab emulation between the amp's speaker output and the speaker cab.  you can also use this at the 1/4" output of the HD500. 

Hughes and Kettner make such a box, whilst Behringer make the Ultra GI GI100 which is effective and inexpensive.

If you use a DT-50 with your HD500, the DI output is excellent.

Alternatively, you might want to experiment with EQ at the desk.


Re: HD500 Output issue. How to set Direct to the XLR and AMP to the 1/4
by linuxusr on 2011-08-30 11:58:57.3830

That puzzles me that they Line 6 would include a feature to seprate the feeds direct, amp in the lower models, and not in the 500.

Thanks for the info. I've been thinking of picking up a powered monitor and being able to use the volume control on that to adjust my stage volume.

A second idea I had and please let me know your thoughts on this rig. Is to set the HD500 to Direct/Studio mode for all it's outputs.

Then plug XLR to the soundboard board.

1/4 to a Micromon MA400  Behringer headphone amplifier. To the input of my effects loop on a amplifier.

I can then use the volume knob on the headphone amplifier to adjust the level going into the amp to keep the stage volume low. While being able to run the POD at a high level (approx 70%)suitable for the sound board.

Thanks again for your help


Re: HD500 Output issue. How to set Direct to the XLR and AMP to the 1/4
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-08-30 12:44:43.8310

Hi Clayton

I understand your puzzlement, but for now at least the outputs work the way they do and the only way to approach it satisfactorily is with outside help.  I have a DT50 so I don't really need anything else like a DI box because of the DT-50's speaker emulated DI output (but I did buy two GI100's to experiment with - and they do work pretty well - cost: approx £24 GBP each).

If you use an on-stage flat response powered monitor, then both the monitor and PA simply need the HD500 to be set to Studio/Direct output and yep that will solve your problem.

The headphone amp idea will allow you to separately adjust your on-stage level but the EQ will be wrong for one of your outputs if using an on-stage standard guitar amp and the desk.

If your guitar amp has a Master Volume control that is POST FX Return or Power Amp In then this is what I would do:

  • Pan ALL the HD500 presets you want to use to Centre
  • Use PRE amp models in general (sometimes FULL models may sound better to you)
  • Set the Output Mode to Combo Pwr Amp or Stack Pwr Amp
  • Turn Cab modelling OFF (I sometimes use a Marshall valve head and 4x12 cab)
  • Turn the HD500 Master Volume to the required level (I normally set this to 100%)
  • Plug a Behringer GI100 into one of the 1/4" outs , turn speaker cab emulation on - send the output to your PA desk
  • Plug the other 1/4" out into the FX return or Power Amp In socket on your amp

The signal going to your PA should have cab emulation on and should therefore sound reasonable through the PA

The signal going directly to your amp should be fine and your amp's own speaker cab should provide the right sound for your on-stage monitoring.  Use your amp's Master Volume control to manage your on stage volume (this will not affect the level going to the PA).

That's another way of doing it which works pretty well too.


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