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Comparing the XD-V70 and the XD-V30
by ironwillwelding on 2011-08-30 18:57:10.1630

I am going to buy six (6) systems from line 6 and I don't know which to go with( XD-V 70 or the XD-V 30). The distance is not an issue seeing that I never am further then 50 feet from the receivers.

I will be using them in all of South America going on tour the coming Janurary. I do large scale street perfomances with eigth performers, six of which need mics. Two handhelds and two headsets. I just came back from a tour down there this year and I was using the PGX systems from Shure. It was a disaster!!!  They did not stop cutting each other off, it took hours trying to find open frequencies only to find later that they were occupied. Any ways the Shure mics ruined my tour and crippled my performance so I could only use three mics max.

To get to the point I don't want this to happern again. I have read everything on the web site and watched all the videos. I only need six and the XD-V30 offer that, but I am wondering if I use six do I need to have more then that to have extra available channels just in case the others don't work.

The other issue is the quality of the actual mics themselves. Are the V70s alot better the then V30s? clearly I want to save the money if I can, but i don't to take a system that won't work fo my needs.

So any help or opions would be greatly valued and appriciated. Thank You.

Re: Comparing the XD-V70 and the XD-V30
by DanCornett on 2011-08-31 09:10:06.3780

I can't speak to the mic differences, but I would suggest the XD-V70 for these reasons:

1) Being in highly variable environments would point me to the V70 receivers.  Furthermore, I'd get external paddle antennas so they can be separated (prefereably at 90 degrees to the performance area) to ensure coverage no matter which way people are facing.

2) The 12 channels of the V70 series would give me some comfort in knowing I could change a couple if needed to -- or if I wanted to add a channel or two for special circumstances!

However, the six channels of the XD-V series (30 or 70) ought to provide a "real" 6 channels; no issues with analog interference from other equipment.  (The only issue with interference could be if there is a Wi-Fi access point near the performance area or where the receivers are located.)

3) I have NOT used a V30 -- but I am satisfied with the build quality fo the V70 receivers.  I put 6 into a 4U carry case (which leaves 1/2 U for the external antenna connection plate and 1/2 U unused).  We have two of these (two sets of 6).

FYI: I mix-and-match handheld and bodypack transmitters regularly across 12 receivers, depending on the situation.  They work great.

Re: Comparing the XD-V70 and the XD-V30
by ironwillwelding on 2011-08-31 11:00:36.1510

Thank you for taking the time to explain all of that I apprieciate it.

Are the External paddle antennas the ones that come with them? If not could I bug you to send me a link of which one you're talking about?

Also, what is a "4U" carrying case? They sound cool. I am a welder and a carpenter so I have built all my own carrying cases, but it should would save me time and work if there was something already made.

Your answer cover all my main questions Thank you. If there is anyone out there that know the differences between the two mics I would be grateful if you have the time to share them.

This is a great forum and I can't wait to get my hands on one of these great mics. Thanks to all-Abraham

RE: Comparing the XD-V70 and the XD-V30
by Line6Hugo on 2011-08-31 16:29:16.7950

Just to add, here is an excerpt directly from the XD-V Product FAQ section:

"What's a microphone model?

A microphone model is a detailed sonic reproduction of a specific microphone that delivers all the sonic characteristics of the original.

What mic models are in XD-V70 and XD-V30?

XD-V70 features seven mic models, six of which are based on* top live-sound mics:

Shure® SM58®

Shure® Beta 58A®

Sennheiser® e 835

Audio-Technica® AE4100

Electro-Voice® N/D767

Audix® OM5

The seventh model is our own creation, L6-DC7. It combines the best aspects of all the other models. XD-V30 features one mic model, based on* a Shure® SM58®."

Best regards,


Re: RE: Comparing the XD-V70 and the XD-V30
by ironwillwelding on 2011-09-01 12:30:38.1480

Thank you Hugo. I read that earlier as well. It's good to know that you can switch out the mics in them.

What I am refering to more is the quality of the headset mic in the XD-V 30s compared to the XD-V70, as well as the stock XD-v30 mic compared to the stock XD-V70.

Thank you for your response-Abraham

Re: RE: Comparing the XD-V70 and the XD-V30
by Line6Don on 2011-09-06 10:30:24.2840

Hey ironwillwelding,


Both mics feature a frequency response of 10 Hz - 20 kHz and a dynamic range of 115db. The main difference between the XD-V70 and XD-V30 mics are the mic models available.


  XD-V70 is outfitted with digital models, or detailed sonic reproductions, based on* six top live-sound mics including a Shure® SM58®, a Shure® Beta 58A®, a Sennheiser® e 835 and more. With the touch of a button on the microphone shaft, you can select a model to fit your voice, your venue, or the rest of your rig. XD-V30 features one microphone model based on* a Shure® SM58®.


  For more information about these mic models, reference the link below:

Re: RE: Comparing the XD-V70 and the XD-V30
by ironwillwelding on 2011-09-10 21:37:57.6160

Thank you Don, I appreciate your time.

But again, I have also read all of this on the web site it sound awesome! What I can not find is any kind of simple, clear compareason of the headset microphones. Are they the same? If not what is the difference between the two?

The headsets are what I will be using the most so this is what I need to find out.

Is the XD-V70 headset mic a major improvment to the XD-V30s? A lot? Kinda? A little bit? The Same?

Thank you-Abraham

Re: RE: Comparing the XD-V70 and the XD-V30
by sdevino on 2011-09-12 15:19:44.7600

Hi Abraham,

The V70 and V30 headset microphones are completely different models from each other, so they will sound different compared to each other. Which you prefer is really somewhat up to you and the appliction you use it for. The capsules are different physical sizes as well (the v70 is smaller).

I hope this Helps,

Steve Devino

Re: RE: Comparing the XD-V70 and the XD-V30
by dboomer on 2011-09-12 17:06:04.3760

The V70 HS is an omni pattern mic.  It is very flat in frequency response like a studio mic.  The V30HS is a cardioid patterned mic and is more reminescent of a live sound vocal mic.

Picking one is more about your application and your expectations.

Re: Comparing the XD-V70 and the XD-V30
by DanCornett on 2011-09-15 09:00:21.0420

re: 4U case

This is the one I'm using -- mainly because it was on a good sale at the time; there are a wide variety of rack cases on the market.

re: antennas

Each "kit" comes with two 'rabbit ear' antennas; the included mounting panel holds two such antennas about 9" apart (you set them at 90 degree angle to each other).

The external paddle antennas are NOT included; they, and the cabling, are separately purchased.  However, for thorough coverage it is best to have them "covering" (pointing across) the entire performance area from opposite sides (and preferably at 90 degrees, not directly opposite each other).  Furthermore, since the transmitters are not themselves highly directional, if the external antennas are somewhat above (or below!!) the other bodies/obstacles which might get between the transmitters and the antennas, then all the better.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.