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effect knobs tweak out when touched or played!!!
by AdamAndroid on 2011-08-30 19:21:57.1490

Ive been using line 6 for years and am 100% sure something is wrong with my valve mk11 2x12 combo...

It's currently at the shop with a certified specialist and was hoping someone had and ideas on what may be wrong before he orders all new encoders.

Heres my issue:

if i turn any of the effects or reverb knobs they all jump around spasmatically and the  lcd shows me editing chourus tremelo, reverb, gain, phaser....ANYTHING

Here's an example: I'm on on of my channels OR a preset channel.....I want to add say, reverb....I go move ONLY the reverb knob and the chorus kicks on.... I go to turn the chorus shuts off momentarily and turns back on....I go to turn it off again and hold it down on zero and it stays off....I let go and as soon as I do its back on....all the effect and reverb knobs seem possesed and almost attached to each other...

I can even play on a completely clean factory preset and sometimes it just kicks on....maybe chorus...maybe tremelo....yet the amp still works but what good is a beautiful amp like this when it can't be edited!? Or let alone how can I use it if I'm in the miss/e of playing and tremelo kicks on...

I am 100% sure its not just from the volume of the amp jiggling knobs...

The issue is consistant when I try to move the knobs even in standby

So here's what we have done:

1.factory  reset

2.firmware update...( I think 2.0?)

3.removed chassis and blew out encoders with air

Sadly, still no luck.....

Any Ideas?

This can save me a lot of time and money considering like a idiot I failed to send in registration

I still have the papers and I believe guitar center keeps transaction records but that's a long shot.

I learned the hard way that anything with a computer in it or Anything highly breakable

Should be covered under they're pro coverage....they will just swap it out! No time for regrets though

I wanna fix her!

Re: RE: effect knobs tweak out when touched or played!!!
by darealagentp on 2011-08-31 11:01:51.8980

When the parameters start "jumping" to different values on their own, typically there's a problem with the DSP or one of it's integral hardware components on the mainboard.


If after a re-flash (firmware reinstall), the behavior continues it's usually going to be a mainboard replacement that will correct the issue.


I doubt the swapping the encoders by themselves will change anything: they're just data encoders (it's the DSP that regulates operation behavior of the amp during runtime).


If you've taken your amp to one of our Authorized Service Centers: I think the best thing would be to have the technician there give our Service Department a call and request to be connected to an in-house bench tech to confirm the troubleshooting before ordering parts. My guess is that new encoders will not necessarily alter the root cause of what's going on, if it's occurring on the DSP components. But have them call our techs to verify. To me that's the correct solution...


If you're within the first year (from the new product sales receipt purchase date), you're still under our 1 year Service Warranty coverage period. If you're past the 1st year but bought the Guitar Center's Pro Coverage Extended Warranty plan... they will be the ones to cover the cost of service/parts.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.