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Flextone III volume pot problem
by doug95 on 2011-08-31 03:28:40.6390

I have a FlexIII and it's developed a major problem with the channel vol pot. It's 3 years old approx. bought used 6mths old. The problem is correctable according to internet research but I am having difficulty removing the back-cover to get at the connections. Hopefully it just requires a spray and clean, if not I will get a new pot.

The problem shows itself by volume spikeing when changing saved channel. the vol pot needs to be reset after each tone patch has been used. It also has no audible sound change from 0-2 and after 4 the volume appears to lift the roof and requires backing off. The problem is not continuous but is increasing in regularity. There are several occurences on the internet that relate to this problem with the vol pot. Has a solutiom/fix been suggested from company?

Re: RE: Flextone III volume pot problem
by darealagentp on 2011-08-31 09:09:26.5350

That sounds more like a DSP component on the mainbaord starting to behave erratically more so than the volume "pot" itself. (Those are actually just digital data value encoders; they're not actually a true volume pot in comparison to actual analog tube amplifier circuits).


In this instance the only thing a user can do is try "re-flashing" the amplifier's system software: (see the bottom of that page).


If the symptom still persists after a re-flash, the issue lies deeper at the hardware level. In that case, a Service Center tech will need to get involved in terms of correctly diagnosing the digital component that is going bad and provide you a repair estimate:


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