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Using my UX2 as an external USB interface/soundcard
by BryZilla on 2011-08-31 11:59:05.2120

So, i've had a home recording computer since 2000, i had an Maudio delta LT card on it for recording audio in

this is the first time ive ever tried to switch to a laptop and nothing is working.

My UX2 worked fine with my old desktop PC. I remember having the option of recording my instruments though the

usb cable as opposed to the analog outs in the back. The only difference was minor latency.

I figured i could use my UX2 as a primary soundcard via usb with my new laptop?

but i cannot get any sound to come through the usb cable, only through the phones jack and analog outs.

and that is creating a bizarre loop through my laptop. the output level knob on the top of the UX2 starts

controlling the sound level of my speakers from things playing off the internet?????

I am also getting lots of distortion and cant see how hot the levels are coming into the laptop.

the only two audio plugs on my laptop are a mic in and a headphone/speaker out.

ive been trying to set this up multiple times and i keep failing.

any input would be much appreciated

Re: RE: Using my UX2 as an external USB interface/soundcard
by darealagentp on 2011-09-01 10:50:12.9780

First thing would be to make sure you have the latest USB driver version installed for your laptop's OS:



After confirming that you have the driver installed, I'd try all USB ports with the UX2, as each USB port on a computer will provide a different path to the CPU, some better than others.


For input control of the UX2, you'll need to have at least the POD Farm 1.12 software program installed and running, as 1/4", XLR and Line 1/2 inputs are regulated via software control only for the UX2.



Those are the preliminary steps. I suspect you'll need to try the UX2 with different USB ports to find the one that provides the best communication to your CPU/software.

Re: RE: Using my UX2 as an external USB interface/soundcard
by BryZilla on 2011-09-05 14:01:45.4740

Thanks Perry,

after podfarm install it immediately firedup correctly.

do i still need to have the gearbox program on my computer now?

One other  important question. I will be using the UX2 mostly for keyboard and vocal inputs, all the guitar modeling wont be used very much - so what should i set the podfarm program to, so that it doesnt color the input sound of my keyboard tones with amp modeling?

Basically, I need just dry clean input.

thanks again,


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