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Which signal comes from Bass pod XT LIVE USB output?
by btlguy on 2011-09-03 09:53:58.6010


     I am trying to record directly from the Bass Pod XT Live into Pro Tools LE 9.  I am recieving left and right signal into a stereo channel in Pro Tools. Can someone tell me if perhaps one side is the modeled signal and the other side is unprocessed direct?  I am monitoring through an external mixer using the "to amp" output from the Bass Pod to avoid any latency.  I mention this in case this influences the USB output going into the software somehow.  It is my goal to have both the direct signal and modeled signal recorded simultaniously either in one stereo track or two separate mono ones. Can this be done stricly USB? Thanks.

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Re: RE: Which signal comes from Bass pod XT LIVE USB output?
by darealagentp on 2011-09-07 09:33:45.6540

The Bass PODxt Live can only send either fully processed signal or direct (dry) instrument signal via it's USB connection.


To do what you're trying to do, you'd have to not utilize the USB connection of the Bass PODxt Live and use it's 1/4" outputs into your ProTools Audio Interface (two different channels).

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