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curious what i should do with SV HD100 malfunctions
by pyrospade on 2011-09-03 17:46:07.7270

i recently bought a used amp head ( the Spider Valve HD100) from Best Buy and it has what appears to be a power issue though im not 100%. The amp worked fine for about an hour or so but then suddenly started cutting out then the system started resetting every 5 seconds or so. I'm pretty sure it was a reset because i was dialing in different settings and after it cut out and all the lights flashed it went back to the preset settings instead of what i had just dialed in. That is what led me to beleive that its a power issue but, like i said, im unsure ( i dont know a whole lot about the electronics involved in amps). The guy at best buy told me it was returned because the tubes were cutting out; and this may be true as well since the amp didnt start acting funny until the tubes were real hot ( didnt feel them but they were pretty red). Anyway, I just got it today and, since i dont have the original box or the receipt from the initial purchase, im pretty sure warranty wont do me any good. I do have MY receipt but I dont think that counts. Should i Try to have it fixed within my 30 days best buy gave me? or should i cut my losses and return it for my refund. Any advice would be greatly appreciated I'll try to check relatively often just in case i forgot some information

P.S. bought it because it was wayyyy cheap and I beleived it to be a tube issue which could probably be fixed pretty easily but i played with it first and didnt open the casing or anything just in case somehow a warranty is available to me

Message was edited by: pyrospade    ALSO, i forgot to add that I live in Iowa so there is no line 6 service center in my state (which is EXTREMELY inconvenient as I have multiple pieces of line 6 gear) so the whole "shipping/taking the head to Nebraska and/or Minnesota" thing is an important factor...I LOVE this head but if i cant have it fixed i might as well refund it, right?

Message was edited by: pyrospade

Sorry to edit twice but upon an hour or two of reading forums i beleive this one has the same problem as me, if this helps in clarification in any way:

Re: curious what i should do with SV HD100 malfunctions
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-09-04 02:22:10.8740


Personally I would recommend taking the amp straight back and get your money back.  This particular head seems to have a problem which is probably why it was so cheap.  It's possible it's up to four years old and will be well out of warranty.  As a second user warranty is probably not available to you anyway from Line 6 unless you have the original purchase receipts and the original user has not registered the amp in his/her name.  Spare parts for this amp may be scarce too.

You shouldn't have too much difficulty in sourcing a good and reasonably reliable Spider Valve HD100 MkI head on eBay or elsewhere (better if you know the history and the seller pretty well).

you shouldn't attempt any repairs yourself unless you really know what you're doing and are well aware of the dangers of working inside the chassis of a live tube amp.  You could end up killing yourself as the worst case scenario - seriously!.

Just take it back and get your money back would be my advice.


Re: curious what i should do with SV HD100 malfunctions
by geppert on 2011-09-04 10:46:24.1490

I would second Nick's suggestion totally.

Re: RE: curious what i should do with SV HD100 malfunctions
by darealagentp on 2011-09-06 11:22:37.1660

I'd third Nick's suggestion. It's a used amp (no Line 6 Warranty on it); definitely sounds like someone (whether it be you or another potential user gear purchaser) will need to put more money into getting the unit serviced before it's up to spec again.

If you have a chance to get your refund from the store, it might be best to do so and keep looking for a different amp in better condition... taking into account your location and the reality of not have any Authorized Line 6 Service Centers in your area.

Best of luck in making your decision.

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