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XD-V 70L hissing when bodypack away from body
by zakos on 2011-09-04 15:44:17.2210


I'd been using my unit for a couple of weeks when I ran into this problem.

I was trying to use it during the live recording of a theater show for a spot mic ; the transmitter was equipped with a DPA 4099 + DAD 6010 adapter and hidden in the stage set.

The problem was, whenever my assistant got away from the mic, I got a continuous hissing sound, which disappeared when he got close enough to the transmitter or even better touched it. The sound coming from the mircrophone was still there, and the RF looked good on the receiver.

Is this normal behaviour ? Should I send the unit for repair ?

The problem is not easily reproduceable (probably triggered by a hostile RF environment) so I can't get a recording of the noise right now, but I'll try if it can help. It sure behaved like there was RF interference on the analog level.

Thanks for any advice,


Re: XD-V 70L hissing when bodypack away from body
by dboomer on 2011-09-05 09:16:06.4080

RF interference to XD-V will not cause noise like it does in analog systems.  What you are describing sounds like you have a AGC circuit somewhere in the chain.  Noise coming up when there is no sound in the mic would be a symptom of this.

Getting the noise to go away when you touch it sounds like you could have a bad cable or adaptor with the DPA. Does the same thing happen if you use the factory supplied mic?

You could also experiment with switching the "Environment Filter" to a different setting.

Re: XD-V 70L hissing when bodypack away from body
by zakos on 2011-09-08 12:06:50.5550


Thanks for answering.

I'm afraid my message wasn't clear. The noise happened when my assistant was away from the transmitter (not the mic, sorry for my mistake), regardless of the sound coming to the microphone (which was in that case taped to a piece of wood). When he got close enough (1 inch)  or touched the transmitter, the interference disappeared.

Next time I'll try to change the mics and adapters and I'll let you know.


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