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POD Studio UX1 and phantom power
by wtchristy on 2011-09-04 21:21:00.5690

Will phantom power sent to the UX1 outputs damage it or the computer it is plugged into? I am wondering if I can run the UX1 outputs directly to the house PA or if I should go through a direct box to avoid damage to it or the computer it is plugged into in the event phantom power gets accidentally turned on to it.

I have been informed that direct boxes have capacitors that block phantom power to prevent damage to the equipment plugged into them. Since it appears that the UX1 has balanced outputs, there is no need to convert  to a balanced signal (and use a direct box), unless the UX1 does not have capacitors to handle this phantom power charge. I want to keep my rig as streamlined as possible (and avoid the expense of direct boxes) but also don't want to risk damaging the UX1, or worse, my computer.

Thanks for your help,


RE: POD Studio UX1 and phantom power
by Line6Don on 2011-09-07 17:05:34.4410

Hey wtchristy,

The analog outputs on the UX1 are balanced 1/4" connections. Phantom Power is usually only sent over XLR inputs of a PA/Mixing desk. There for, you will most like be plugging into some sort line/aux in on the PA/Mixing desk that will not have the ability to send 48v phantom power.

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