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Guidance needed for initial purchase
by quicktalker on 2011-09-07 12:30:21.0510

OK, a little background. I am an auctioneer that would like to go wireless. Presently using a Harbinger HA120 amp system and corded mike, I am interested in the XD-V70 system, either the headset or handheld models. Depending on the event, I may want to use either or both mikes, i.e., handheld and headset so if I would buy either system I would need to buy the other type of microphone. I have not found a retailer that sells the mikes separate from the system to purchase as an accessory.

The question is I guess, does it matter which system I buy first, HH or HS and are the mikes available as an option and where?

I enjoy reading your discussions and have made my decision to buy Line 6 mostly based on info here.

Re: Guidance needed for initial purchase
by sdevino on 2011-09-07 13:32:04.4140

If you do a search on THH12 for the handhelds, and TBP12 for the belt packs you will find retailers who sell each of them separately. Which complete set you buy first will not affect your ability to add on later.

Good luck and enjoy!


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