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LD150: magic smoke from CD/MP3 port! NOOO!
by n643921432 on 2011-09-11 09:50:34.6100

so... has anyone else ever had this happen?

my amp is about a week out of warranty, and I plugged my Ipod into the mp3 port on the back like I have dozens of times, but this time, I got a small cloud of wispy white smoke from the grill on the back near the port, and now my dorm room smells like burnt electronics really bad, and the mp3 port no longer works


I have no idea how something as small as an ipod could do such a thing! it has such a low output, it makes me think that it was some kind of random-chance internal fault.

this is kinda irritating, but I'll live. the amp still works for it's intended purpose, so that's a good upside to this situation.

anyone know what could have possibly happened to cause this?

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