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Using the HD500 live (and it only)
by guitargrinder on 2011-09-11 11:42:06.0570

I really like the sounds in the HD500 through headphones.  I"m thinking about using it and going straight to the sound board for our next show.   Am I crazy?  Anyone else doing this?  It would save me tons of time and lugging around my 2x12 cabinet with my Vetta head.

Re: Using the HD500 live (and it only)
by silverhead on 2011-09-12 05:10:25.1660

Lots of people do this. Just make sure you set the HD500 Output Mode to Studio.

Re: Using the HD500 live (and it only)
by phil_m on 2011-09-12 06:37:52.4980

As long as you have decent monitors and you can depend on the sound guy, it works fine. I've played out with my HD500 as my rig, and it's worked fine. It really comes down to the PA in the venue you're playing.

Re: Using the HD500 live (and it only)
by mnsteelers on 2011-09-13 21:02:31.7250

I used my HD500 live last weekend for the 1st time.  I like the tones but I find it difficult to get consistent volume levels when switching patches.  Ex:  Green Day/Boulevard, I use 3 differnet patches during 1 song.

How do other people go about getting a consistent volume output?

Re: Using the HD500 live (and it only)
by spaceatl on 2011-09-14 01:01:39.8860

the leveling done at gig volume...take a baseline patch get you master set and a good healthy level...then start going though the patches only adjusting the channel volume to balance the volumes...If you run out of room on the channel volume you can you the mixer to make up a little...that could mean that your channel volumes are a but high relatively...Some models are stronger than others...i generally start with a weaker one like the AC30 and set the channel volume about 60% and then balance to that...with the band helps a lot too...It's a process...

Re: Using the HD500 live (and it only)
by DeFrezd on 2011-11-05 11:02:24.7850

I have been using my hd500 through a PA with speakers like this; (That size),r:8,s:18">,r:8,s:18">,r:8,s:18

I set the pod to Studio/direct but it sounds very distorted and thin.... I don't know what's wrong - I've heard many people who are successful using this method.....

Re: Using the HD500 live (and it only)
by Gandalf5150 on 2011-11-14 17:37:35.2940

My HD500 goes straight to the mixing board and I set up my speakers behind me, so I hear what the audience do.

Worked fine for me for over a year.

Re: Using the HD500 live (and it only)
by arch347 on 2011-11-15 23:15:46.3670

Going direct from POD to mixer is great for reducing stage volume and creating a cleaner and clearer mix. There's no bleed over from other sources like there is when micing an amp in the midst of the drums, monitors, and god knows what else that mic may be picking up. However, there are some things you might find undesirable: the digital sound or feel - in my experience this is also influenced by the quality of the PA or monitor as well as how the mix is being manipulated on the board. I was previously using an xt live direct, the sound and feel coming out of my monitor was thin and obviously digital but the sound out front was good so I stuck with it. I'm currently using an HD500, sounds better than the xt in my monitor but great out front which is all that matters to me. Its difficult to achieve the hendrixy feedback and endless sustain possible with loud amplification if you're using quiet monitors but you can just turn them up for the desired effect. Standardizing levels across patches has been a pain though and I wish L6 would at least include gradiants in db for pertinent applications like amp volume and boosts/compressors. I like to utilize many of the amps and effects offered in the POD as I'm sure many users do but for me this makes getting consistent levels a big pain and usually leaves me fine tuning between songs so if any one has a method other than what's suggested on this site I'd love to hear it. I've played in the live setting using a mic'd tube amp, tube amp direct, and xt and HD500 direct and the I have been most satisfied with the HD500 direct.

Re: Using the HD500 live (and it only)
by guitargrinder on 2011-12-08 07:21:11.7700

Any settings anyone could share for running live?  Just something for me to start with and tweak from there....

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