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podfarm 2.51 (and 1.12) with non line 6 interface
by fp65 on 2011-09-11 20:45:06.1050


I'm running podfarm 2.02 and 1.12 tied to my line 6 ux2.  I tried to install podfarm 2.5 back in may and it was a disaster. By some miracle, I uninstalled everything and reinstalled 1.12 and podfarm 2.02 and have been too scared to try podfarm 2.51.  I am tempted now to try to install it, as I have a new audio interface (fast track ultra 8r). 

My question is, can i run podfarm standalone as well as in plug in mode (as i do now) using only my fast track ultra?  Do I need to hang my UX2 on a usb port to act like a license key?  I am particularly interested in using podfarm (2.51) in standalone mode as i like the interface. 

I am running windows xp sp3.  So before i run the risk of giving podfarm 2.51 another go at installation, I thought I would clarify that the main benefit i seek is possible and i want to understand if i need to keep the ux2 plugged in even though I will be using my fast track ultra.



RE: podfarm 2.51 (and 1.12) with non line 6 interface
by Line6Don on 2011-09-14 10:07:07.5580

Hey fp65,

After further review of your Line 6 User Account, your POD Farm 2 license is factory installed into your POD Studio UX2, therefor you will need to keep the UX2 attached to USB port to authorize the use of the POD Farm 2 application.

The use of POD Farm 2.51 with a 3rd party interface will require you to purchase a POD Farm 2 license from our online store at the link below:

Re: RE: podfarm 2.51 (and 1.12) with non line 6 interface
by fp65 on 2011-09-16 04:50:55.2490


Thanks for the response.  So just to clarify, I couldn't use a 2.51 license tied to my UX2, even if i hang my ux2 on the computer and use my 3rd party interface. 

If i did what you suggest and buy the license, does that mean that podfarm 2.51 standalone will "see" my 3rd party interface when I run 2.51 (in the mixer settings view the way i currently see/configure my ux2 for inputs, sample rate, etc)


RE: podfarm 2.51 (and 1.12) with non line 6 interface
by Line6Don on 2011-09-19 14:19:32.5180

Hey fp65,

You are more than welcome to keep the UX2 connected to your USB port and try and use it as the "key" for POD Farm authorization.

Within a DAW, you might run into some conflicts trying to have two audio interfaces connected to the same computer at one time. To try this, have both your UX2 and third part interface connected to your computer. Within the audio preferences of your DAW, assign it to the third party interface, leave the UX2 connected. Try and insert POD Farm as a plugin.

That is correct, purchasing the POD Farm 2.51 license and authorizing your computer to use it, will allow you to use POD Farm 2.51 stand alone with a third party audio interface.You will then be able to access your hardware's configuration options on the hardware tab of POD Farm's preferences menu.

Re: RE: podfarm 2.51 (and 1.12) with non line 6 interface
by Line6david on 2011-09-22 16:32:13.8080


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