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POD Farm 2 - device authorization detection fails
by joaomlneto on 2011-09-13 12:31:49.1820


I have recently installed POD Farm 2 on my computer (running OSX Lion) and I am having some trouble for POD Farm to recognize that my POD Studio UX1 is marked as authorized.

The problem:

I launch POD Farm 2, and a popup appears saying:

"POD Farm 2 has found a valid license on your UX1, but you need to run the Line 6 License Manager to allow POD Farm 2 to be run on this computer with your UX1 (no additional purchase is necessary).

I immediatly launch the License Manager, which shows two devices on the list.

The first is 'My Computer', which is marked as authorized;

The second one is 'UX1', which is also marked as authorized.

I restart the computer / restart the software, yet I see no changes. The same popup appears, stating that I need to run the license manager and authorize stuff.

I did some quick google search on this issue, and couldn't find anything concrete as to what the solution is. I apologize if the solution is already somewhere in the forums.

Thanks for the patience

Best regards,


Re: POD Farm 2 - device authorization detection fails
by joaomlneto on 2011-09-17 11:33:02.8000

Bump. I've been waiting for an answer for over 72h.

I have some rush on dealing with this problem, so I'd appreciate any kind of feedback for now...

I'll complete the post with some more stuff... it may make people talk.

Computer: Apple MacBook Air mid-2011

CPU: Intel Core i5 1.7GHz

RAM: 4GB 1333 MHz DDR3

OS: OSX Lion 10.7.1

Device: UX1

Line 6 Monkey: v1.41

Drivers: v7.1.0

USB Firmware: v1.01

Line 6 License Manager: v1.01


GearBox: v3.72

POD Farm 2: v2.51

Line 6 Monkey: v1.42

Re: POD Farm 2 - device authorization detection fails
by dilodude89 on 2011-09-22 18:58:36.9750

i have the exact same problem and i cant find a solution so if you guys have plzz let me know

Re: POD Farm 2 - device authorization detection fails
by joaomlneto on 2011-09-23 02:21:16.5410


It's a shame Line 6 support didn't reply... pretty low...

I found a solution based on the reply from 'Line6david' in this thread:

The folder permissions of '/Users/<yourusername>/Library/Application Support' is messed up. All I needed to do was to correct them.

(I corrected folder permissions using the terminal as I never did it with Finder... All you have to do is to go to that folder and give Read and Write permissions)

Check folder permissions (Open up the terminal):

ls -l ~/Library/Application\ Support

And check the left column for 'Line 6'.. it SHOULD read 'drwxr--r-x' for everything to work.

If it does not:

chmod +rw ~/Library/Application\ Support/Line\ 6

(if it says 'permission denied' try with 'sudo chmod +rw ~/Library/Application\ Support/Line\ 6', without the quotes.)

After this... folder permissions should be fixed and you'll have to run the license manager and:

1) Unauthorize the devices...

2) Re-authorize them.

Everything should be running fine at this point.

Disclaimer: It's pretty early in the morning... I hope I didn't mistype anything.

Re: POD Farm 2 - device authorization detection fails
by akbal on 2011-11-15 23:39:17.7960

Well.... Auto Support, today I have to reinstall clean MAC OS LION and install Monkey first, and it's ok, remember login and then driver, and last PODFARM 2.51 and all it's ok, finally.

My theory is REASON 6 can't register podfarm, maybe programation error on permissions module.

My recomendation to all user in Lion with this problem, First Monkey, Driver, Podfarm and then REASON 6 to work well.

Thank you to me

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