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Mics for spider valve Mk2.
by jesuscares on 2011-09-15 09:27:52.4650

What mics are best for micing the SV Mk2 amp.I have a bunch of studio condenser mics.Can I use them?

Re: Mics for spider valve Mk2.
by cgtrox on 2011-09-21 10:38:07.6900

Depends on how loud you play live actually. The old workhorse SM57 is usually the "go to" choice for micing loud live amps as it handles high sound pressures very well. I have seen some using condenser mics as well for live amps, but they were more of a blues/jazz type of gig. The SM57 or SM58 are almost always the choice for loud rock.


Re: Mics for spider valve Mk2.
by SSstormtrooper on 2011-09-28 23:04:12.9100

Another great one would be the Sennheiser e906.Check out those crazy German guys on Youtube demo-ing the SpiderValve Mkii HD 100.They use the e906 for all their reviews(mostly I think) and their channel name is MusicSchmidt or something like that.

Their demo of the aforementioned amp kicks butt on the thin,cheesy sounding Guitarworld demo they did for it.

Cool thing about the Sennheiser too is that you can just hang it through your amp handle by the cord to line it up to the speaker basket(or weight the cord with a book etc).It sounds awesome to me anyways and I own a SM57 lol.

Re: Mics for spider valve Mk2.
by jws1982 on 2011-10-03 13:03:05.0030

Are you talking about play live, or in the studio?

If you're talking live, either the SM57 or e906 would be a great choice.  You can hang the e906 from the cab directly over the speaker.  But, be careful because it's easy to get extra noise from the mic rubbing on the speaker grill cloth.

If you're in the studio, then try as many mics as you can that'll handle higher SPL's.  You can find the specs for these mics on their makers' websites.  I'd say they'd need a rating of around 120dB or so.  However, after trying all these, you may still end up on the SM57.  There's a reason that it's one of the most commonly used mics for guitar amps, whether live or studio. 

We could all talk about the details of mic'ing here for days.  But, if I were locked away in a room full of guitar amps with only one mic, it'd be an SM57.

Re: Mics for spider valve Mk2.
by MGrd on 2011-10-03 13:57:09.5210

I agree with the SM57.

I don't want to hitchhike this thread, but I'm thinking about this:

When using a second mic (panning the guitar both left and right), would you take the same mic or use another one with different characteristics?

For example, pointing the same mics one rather to the center and one rather to the outside of the speaker; the latter shall deliver more bass.

Or using two different mics while the second delivers more bass on it's own?

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