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Mod to get a ballsier sound from the SpiderJam
by badraven on 2011-09-17 19:54:50.6010

Hello all!

In an attempt to build better speaker boxes, I have spent time over the years learning about speaker enclosures and such.

I have contemplated modifying my SpiderJam for a while now to get a better sound from it.  Not that I don't love my amp, honestly I do!

I have learned that open back speaker enclosures have a common problem;  The sound emanates from both the front and back of the speaker and the sound coming from the back races around to meet the sound waves in the front of the amp and you get sound canceling/distortion. Very undesirable!

Tonight I built a simple enclosure to fit in the back that is just slightly bigger than the speaker.

I used furniture grade 3/4" plywood,

12 1/4" X 6"

and 2X6"  (2 ea )

Amp laying face down on a table with you standing at the base of the amp.

The 12 1/4 X 6 is a partition that mounts vertically beside the speaker on the right side. I used a square to mark a straight line about 1/2" right of the speaker rim.  The 6" side is about an inch taller than the speaker.  You will need to cut a small kerf for the speaker wires to fit through.  Make sure you add some sealer to seal the kerf once this piece is mounted.

I used two pocket hole screws to mount the partition.  If you don't have a pocket hole jig, you can glue or silicone it in place.  Or if you are handy with a drill you can start the bit horizontally and then as it starts to dig, angle it to create an angled pocket.  Make sure you drill a pilot hole all the way through with a smaller bit so you don't split the wood.

The 2  2X6 pieces are screwed to the left wall with one 1 1/4 screw each.  These two give you a base to mount the back of the enclosure.

Before you mount the back panel, you will need to make a 45 degree cut on once corner of the back piece to clear the beveled factory corner support.  Also, I recommend that you take come silicone or caulk and seal the gap at the base of the metal amplifier head frame.  You will see what I am talking about when you put the 12 1/4 X 6 piece in.  Also run a bead of silicone around the perimeter of the back piece and along the time of the side wall piece.  This will seal the box as close to air tight as possible. 

That's it, stand it up, plug it in and fire that baby up.  It sounds really awesome now!  It make the speaker a bit more bassy and more ballsy.

Of course now I need to paint my new enclosure black to match the amp.  But that is a different post... lol


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