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Distorted output on Pod 2.0 even at low volumes
by greenyblue on 2009-05-05 05:54:44.4660

Dear All,

I recently purchased a Pod 2.0 to use live. I set it up in the effects loop of my 60W Fender DeVille amp but found that it distorts really badly on the clean sounds. No matter how I used the volumes on the Pod or amp (i.e. Pod low/Amp high or vice versa) I was unable to get a decent clean sound. The distortion seems to happen even at low volumes. It not a nice overdrive, rather a gritty nasty sound so I don't think it should be there.

Any ideas how to sort this out would be muc appreciated. I guess it is possible that its just not built for live use with valve amps. I play in a blues band so having access to all those classic amps would be great.

Thanks for any help,


Re: Distorted output on Pod 2.0 even at low volumes
by AParedes on 2009-05-06 16:36:08.8400


  The POD 2.0 was not designed for line level input, so the unit is most likely clipping.  See the following link for options for running the POD 2.0 in your effect loop.

POD: Connecting To Amps

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