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Hum reducer not working
by Aefmike on 2011-09-19 20:27:30.1690


I just started using gear box with my UX2 with Gear box 3.72. I installed all the right drivers to work on my mac. Everything is working ok, except for the hum reducer. Every time I try to either learn or use hum reducer it says code 80007000 disconnected. How do I make this work?



Re: RE: Hum reducer not working
by darealagentp on 2011-09-21 10:03:23.5570

I've never come across this scenario before... but the error code you wrote points to a connection loss between the USB device (UX2) to your host computer's resources.


Quickest troubleshooting tips for that error code: jiggle-test the USB cable connect at both the UX2's USB port and your host computer's USB port.


It's also good to close the GearBox software and try connecting your UX2 to a totally different USB port on the computer (each USB port on a computer is it's own unique pathway to the CPU). Might not be a bad idea to test all your USB ports with the UX2 and re-launch GearBox with each test.


Test the Hum Reducer after each new USB port connection test. Does that error message ever come back?

Re: RE: Hum reducer not working
by glebb on 2011-10-10 09:54:58.6510

I'm facing the exact same problem, though I have UX1. Everything works ok, except hum reducer. I get the same error message as the original poster. I have macbook pro with os x 10.6.8. I tried to switch usb ports and jiggling, with re-launching gearbox each time. No go. Hopefully this can be fixed.

Re: RE: Hum reducer not working
by moxell1 on 2012-01-18 15:36:38.9590

I'm having same issue on 10.6.8 w/ Gearbox. I'm using a GuitarPort. Strangly, the LED stays green the whole time I play. It used to flash red when I picked when I was running the GuitarPort under a PC environment.

Anyone with ideas?

Re: RE: Hum reducer not working
by avanore on 2012-03-17 13:13:56.8710

I am also having this issue on my Macbook.  Hum reducer shows Code 80007000 disconnected even though everything else about the software is functioning.

Re: Hum reducer not working
by bendrikakisi on 2012-11-21 07:00:58.3600

i got the same problem .plz help

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