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POD HD - upgrade from TonePort UX 2
by rthwsbh on 2011-09-20 00:45:13.2280

I am currently using TonePort UX2 with GearBox and I use it quite a bit for recording but I am considering upgrading to POD HD. Using the TonePort I have purchased the VST plugin so that I can record my guitar "dry" and then re-amp using the GearBox VST. Considering upgrading to POD HD I have a few questions:

1) Will I be able to use the POD HD in the same way as I use my UX2 - i.e will I be able to reamp? If so I assume PodFarm is the software used?

2) Will the sound modeling in POD HD be significantly better than the ones I allready have with UX2/GearBox?

3) Will I be able to use the FBV ExpressMKll? The POD HD seems to be missing on the compability site.

Re: POD HD - upgrade from TonePort UX 2
by Rowbi on 2011-09-20 01:03:56.5570

there isn't really an upgrade path from POD Studio to POD HD devices.  they are very different things.  I have a UX2 (and UX1) as well as various POD HD units, and I use them both seperately. 

here are some more direct answers to your questions though:

1. you can't record dry with the POD HD... well you can.  the audio outputs over USB only send 1 stereo pair of audio signals, which are wet at the end of the PODs signal chain.  if you have no FX or amps enabled then your signal is dry.  THis may work for you, but if you're like me and you want to hear the FX and amp sims while you're playing, but don't want to record them, the POD HD can't do that.  you could use POD Farm in your DAW to monitor from.  so record dry and reamp in realtime and then enable software monitoring from your DAW.  But I'm not sure how you'd stop monitoring the dry sound from your POD HD at the same time....

it's not sounding ideal is it...

Further to that, you can't license POD Farm on the POD HD units, they don't support that... BUT from POD Farm 2.51 onwards (it's free for POD Farm 2.00 license owners, and a small upgrade cost for POD Farm 1.0 license owners) you licensze the PC as one of your options, so you woyld be able to use POD Farm with any ASIO audio interface into your DAW.....  But if the POD Farm license came included with your UX2, I'm not sure how that would work, and whether the PF license would be tied to your UX2.  but I think that should work with your UX2 connected as a licensensing dongle and your POD HD as the audio interface.

2. less models, but more realistic sound... so yes they'll be different.

3. yes the FBV MKII Express will work fine.  there's lots of info specific to using each different pedal with the POD HD bean in the POD HD advanced user guide.  to see that, click the support link at the top of this page, then click product manuals.  then select POD HD in the list and download the POD HD advanced guide.  there's a chapter near the back that's just about foot pedals, with a section all about the FBV MKII Express and how it works with the POD HD bean.

so... with all that said, I think you'll really enjoy the POD HD, but you may want to keep your UX2 also, because the 2 togehter will give you all the features you want, and you can of course record the wet amp tones from the POD too, as they've very nice sounding :-)

Hope this helps


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