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POD HD 400 cutting off
by jcopeland1 on 2011-09-22 10:36:20.7640

Today I was practicing with my Pod HD 400 at home with my amp direct in and all of a sudden no sound.  I swapped cables and the cables all work.  Rebooted the POD and it worked fine.No amp issues.  In addition a few nights ago I was practicing with the USB hooked up and could not get sound form the computer to my headphones which were plugged into the POD.

I have also has an experience live where the sound totally cutoff during a worship service.  I thought it was the PA but now I think it may have been the POD HD.  I do have the guitar center service plan and am sending it in but I am very concerned and have to play live on 10/9.  Has anyone else seen this issue?

Re: POD HD 400 cutting off
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-09-23 00:01:51.4590


I cannot be sure either way based on the information given that the POD is in some way faulty, whether it's your cables, whether the POD's PSU might have a problem or whether it's generally a mains power related problem.

The POD HD400 is essentially a computer.  Computers can present a number of issues if the power supply is at all dodgy including symptoms of locking up.

To rule out a mains power issue you would be better plugging the HD400 PSU into a regulated power conditioner or maybe a computer stype Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) or at the very least into a surge protector strip.

Check the 9v connector from your PSU to ensure it's stable when plugged into the rear of your POD to rule out a dry solder joint or otherwise loose connection by gently moving the plug from side to side in the socket.

Re-flash your POD with the latest firmware and don't retain your presets in the process - MAKE SURE you BACK-UP your existing Custom Presets to computer first using POD HD400 Edit.  You may have one preset in there that is slightly corrupted and may be causing occasional spontaneous lock-ups.  I have seen this with the HD500 and POD HD desktop once or twice - removing the troublesome prest and recreating it from scratch usually works.


Re: POD HD 400 cutting off
by jcopeland1 on 2011-09-23 04:02:14.0250


Thanks for the response.  I ruled out the cables by going straight into my amp.  I'm not sure of the power supply but the amp was plugged into the same outlet and had no issues.  I have the guitar center pro coverage so I'm going to send it in.  When I used in in church it was going straight into an outlet.    The environment I use this in my not have  opportunity to have a power conditioner so that may be an issue for me. I hope the pro coverage takes care of me here....with a replacement or refund.

Re: POD HD 400 cutting off
by spaceatl on 2011-09-23 10:27:53.7210

From what I remember of the pro coverage...You should be able to exchange it on the spot at any GC...

In terms of a power conditioner, I know first hand that the HD400 will reset if the house power drops too low...Power conditioners will NOT protect you from this...only a regualtor will do that...My band plays a little venue down here in Atlanta that suffers pretty significant brownouts right on the kick drum hit...last time I was there with the HD400, I took it out of the regulator and plugged stright into house power during the drum check...reset on every kick drum hit...back in the regulator...

I use a Trippe Lite LC1200...very cost effective...keeps the voltage within +-5%...basically about 80-140...I can't recomend it enough...

Re: POD HD 400 cutting off
by jcopeland1 on 2011-09-23 10:58:42.6320

Thanks for the tip.  I have talked to GC and I have the Repair plan which is for items over $200.  The replacement plan is for items under 200. 

This occurred when I was at my house and I don't think I had a power issue....but that's an interesting thought.  Not sure why it cut out at church... maybe power ...maybe the PA or maybe the POD 400.  Were you using yours with an amp when this happened?

When it happened it froze on a patch and even if I changed the amp there was no sound.  the screen never went blank and still worked.  I checked all the cables and there wer no cable issues.

My dilemma is that I have to play 10/9 and may not have it back in time.  I will be using my amp but that leaves me with no effects.  I really need the delay's (8th note would be nice but I'm doing the math for each preset currently).  The other problem is I have literally 5 minutes to setup and sound check at the church gig as we are sandwiched between two other services.  I have to have to move my gear from another room, tune, setup, soundcheck, downbeat in about 15-20 minutes so the less stuff the better.  I currently have to use an amp becuse our PA has issues so the combo of my guitar, amp and the POD is pretty simple.   If I have to add much more I may be better with a normal pedalboard but the POD is also a backup to my amp just in case.  Ideally I would go direct but the monitor feed is terrible right now and they have power amp probelm's too.

Any other thoughts?

Re: POD HD 400 cutting off
by jcopeland1 on 2011-09-23 14:49:54.9640

Tried the unit tonight at hope again and I can't get it to do it again....maybe it's user error. 

Re: POD HD 400 cutting off
by spaceatl on 2011-09-23 16:20:55.1560

This is something keyboard plyers learned about in the 1980s...Digital stuff will reset in a brown condition....Analog stuff continues to work...Often you would not know it when it happens...It happens when you Air conditioner or fridge kicks on in your house...anyway, it happens...and it happens in your house more often than you would think...

My guess is the threshold for the HD400 is just under 100 volts AC on the PSU input...The HD400 is not the first unit I have owned  that will do this...My old ADA MP-1 will do it too and I learned about this around 1987...power conditioners only half the protection you really need...If the show must go on, an AVR is a must...that is, if you use digital gear in different venues...

I have always used a AVR in my rig...Not only does it keep you rig running on brown  and spike conditions....80-140 volts...It protects your gear because you are isolated from the house power...My rig is dead quiet and there is not such thing as having to lift a ground because I have my own tap...done....

Yes, I use a DT50...Sometimes I use a DT50 and a Spider Valve...just depends...

Re: POD HD 400 cutting off
by jcopeland1 on 2011-09-23 19:57:59.6090

Well I played all night tonight in the 4 cable method, two cable method and into the computer.  In addition I did the suggestions by Nick.  No issues.  So I may wait to send it back.  I am also going to look into the AVR suggestions.

Still not sure what happened but it's not happeing now. 

(by the way I'm still struggling with the 4 cable method with the 400).

Thanks fo rall your help! 

RE: POD HD 400 cutting off
by Line6Don on 2011-09-27 10:09:26.4410

Hey jcopeland1,

Glad to see that you have not run into this issue again since it happened last. I agree with spaceatl's suggestion for using a AVR type of unit if you are playing in venues that have spotty power.

You might also want to try reinstalling the latest flash memory as nickmattocks suggested as well, in order to address any sort of possible software issue. Remember to back up any custom presets using the HD400 Edit before you apply this update.

Keep us posted.

Re: RE: POD HD 400 cutting off
by jcopeland1 on 2011-09-27 17:36:05.2530

Thanks all.  No more issues as of today but I'll keep everyone posted.

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