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Problems with JTV-69
by mcchs81 on 2011-09-23 17:59:34.6260

I just recently purchased a JTV-69, which I returned to Musician's Friend to exchange for another model.

After playing it through an amp, I disconnected it and then went to play it through my POD and listen through a pair of headphones.  Unfortunately, the guitar would not accept the guitar chord again.  You just couldn't plug it in again.  I applied some pressure (just in case the jack was still), but the plug would not go into the plug at all.  Has anyone experienced that?

Another thing that I noticed while I was playing through the amp -- anytime I used the 12 sting modeling, the D string would not ring clearly.  The open D note would sound distorted and completely out of tune.  However, if you fretted the D string, it would go back into tune.  Moreover, if you exited from the 12 string mode, the unfretted D string would sound absolutley fine.  Has anyone had the same problem?  Is it a unique intonation issue?

Additionally the open D, G and A didn't sound like the respective chords.  Has anyone had that problem as well?

I'm looking forward to receiving another JTV-69 model because from all I've read and watched on YouTube, it's a great guitar.  I'm just a bit disappointed with the initial one that received.

Re: RE: Problems with JTV-69
by darealagentp on 2011-09-28 10:28:55.5580

The modelling issue with the 12-string could've been due to a bad firmware (system software) glitch that 9 times out of 10 is corrected with a re-installation of the firmware via Line 6 Monkey/USB.


However that 1 out 10 situation could be due to failing hardware in the guitar: be it a bad piezo element(s) or worse-case scenario an issue with the mainboard/DSP component(s) that read and run the system software. There's always the slight chance of this happening with electronics, unfortunately.


Hopefully the one on the way from the dealer will not have any of these issues. I also hope that you let the dealer know that the unit you received initially requires servicing and they don't just turn it around and sell it to another customer without having it sent back to us for servicing first...

Re: RE: Problems with JTV-69
by mcchs81 on 2011-10-02 03:32:27.8840

Thanks very much for the informative reply.  Musicians Friend seemed quite interested in the nature of the problem and I was left with the impression that they would be contacted Line 6 about the issues associated with my guitar.  I returned it and upgraded to the 59 model -- I suspect that I will like the neck better than the 69.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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