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Podfarm 2.5 not supported for Hd series? Any other hardware fully?
by kevin9739 on 2011-09-23 18:07:38.2800

Hello. Not totally sure where to ask this but will try this forum. I am a user of podx3 which I love. I also am very interested in the hd units and tried them once already, though so far not convinced... They do not seem to have any metal amps the way x3 does extensively. I also have really loved the range of sounds and all the amps and effects of podfarm 2.5 . It does all of what I want exactly, and great editing.

I would like to buy a piece of hardware for certain applications, though I am not sure what I am looking for exists yet from Line6. I want to program sounds and use the full capabilities of podfarm, but then store those settings to a piece of hardware for live use.

As far as I know, even the new pod hd is not able to use and save all of the amps and effects that podfarm 2.5 is capable of. Or am I wrong? Does any device exist other than audio interfaces for computers that could act as my "amp" live?

If not, I don't suppose Line6 has any plans for building a pod type unit which could act as the hardware for the podfarm 2.5 software?

Re: Podfarm 2.5 not supported for Hd series? Any other hardware fully?
by TheRealZap on 2011-09-23 18:16:01.6140

there are no pods... not even the x3 that can use a tone created on pod farm 2....

and likely never will be.... i say that only because i don't see them using those models on any sophisticated hardware anytime soon... they are clearly moving forward with the HD models...

of course that's just a guess/opinion....

the new version of pod farm 2.5 however can be used with any interface for recording.... just NO freestanding hardware.

Re: RE: Podfarm 2.5 not supported for Hd series? Any other hardware fully?
by darealagentp on 2011-09-26 10:56:40.9660

Zap is correct; the POD Farm 2.5 and earlier versions utilizes the older PODxt family of amp and effect models.


The devices that work with that iteration of software modelling are (with the purchase of a license to authorize and run POD Farm 2, of course): GuitarPort, TonePort/POD Studio GX, UX1, UX2, KB37, UX8 USB interfaces, PODxt (as a Plug-In authorization device , not standalone) and POD X3's (as a Plug-In authorization device, not standalone) as well as your host computer with a 3rd party audio interface (ASIO or Core Audio driver).


The current POD HD products use a completely new amp/effect modelling algorithm, so they don't have any compatibility to the older PODxt generation modelling.


As of this moment, we haven't heard any news as to what the future of POD Farm 2.x and POD HD devices will be here in Support. Stay tuned for more info; when any news is ready to be shared, Line 6 will definitely post it officially on the Product Pages, as we've done so in the past.

Re: RE: Podfarm 2.5 not supported for Hd series? Any other hardware fully?
by Apologist on 2011-09-26 12:49:09.8330

Not to hijack this thread, as this is kind of related, but why is it then that when one goes to customtone to download POD HD Desktop tones it downloads in a format that causes Podfarm 2.5 to open which, according to this thread, is useless with the PODHD?

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