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My DL4 stopped working all lights are flashing randomly
by lewishendo on 2011-09-24 04:24:55.9750


I have a Line 6 DL4, is there a particular error associated to this malfunction. It stopped working at home in normal conditions and would not respond to buttons being pushed or knobs being dialed, then random flashing lights (all lights flashed but most of the time not all together) there was no pattern between the flashes. It would sometimes work for two or three seconds but then crash again and the delays would change in pitch as they died out. I am powering the dl4 with a line 6 power supply that has worked fine before, I have also tried changing the dl4's place with my other pedals and on its own but this made no diffrence. I have looked at your trouble shooting and it does not help, can you tell me how and where I could get this fixed e.g. sending it to a place in the uk and what paper work I would have to send with it and an address?


i have read many blogs and some people have had the same thing so i have tried resetting but the same problem occurs.

Re: RE: My DL4 stopped working all lights are flashing randomly
by darealagentp on 2011-09-26 11:34:31.8460

Sorry to hear about your issue. Yeah, in the UK, we have a Line 6 headquarters there... the contact info is:


  Line 6 UK/The POD

  Clifton House

  Butlers Leap

  Rugby, Warwickshire

  CV21 3RQ

  +44 1788 566 566


I'll also create your inquiry hear as a Support Ticket and assign it to our Line 6 UK rep, so you can continue communication offline with them directly.

Re: RE: My DL4 stopped working all lights are flashing randomly
by Line6david on 2011-09-28 16:30:54.5780


It has been at least 48 hours since we've heard from you. We're going to assume your question has been answered and close this support ticket. If you feel your question(s) have not been answered, or, if you have further questions, please feel free to re-open a support thread within our support community and we will answer your questions accordingly. Thanks!

Line 6 Support

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