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Main :: Line 6 X2 Digital Wireless

by saucyjak on 2011-09-24 09:01:40.3440

So I purchased My xd plus xr in oct 2009. The jack broke off. Tried a quick field repair. Did not know it had a 2 year warranty. So I need a new Transmitter. So a 2 year old unit and It looked like somone from Line6 support told another guy to go to ebay.

I own a Line6 ax212

Pod HD500

and the wireless unit.

Now It seems to me with a unit this new I should be able to get a new transmitter as they seem to be a bit fragile. But at this point it looks like Im screwqed.

So, What can Line 6 do to make this right. I would think that you would support things a least for a 5 years etc.......

How about a discounted new wireless system. Be glad to send in the pristine reciever unit

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