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M13 Looper issue - UNDO/REDO
by tristessamusic on 2011-09-24 13:52:10.1280

Yesterday my Undo/Redo button stopped working.  I'll record a take, but it won't erase it. The button still works as I can access my effects stored on 1B.

Is there something I can adjust to fix or do I need to get this serviced?  I already re-installed the latest firmware and no help there. 

Anyone else have this issue?

Thank you!

Re: RE: M13 Looper issue - UNDO/REDO
by darealagentp on 2011-09-28 10:04:14.9920

It doesn't sound like a switch/hardware issue... especially since you've mentioned that you can access/bypass the effect assign to FX 1B.


I'd try another firmware re-install to be honest. If you're on a Windows PC, please download another "fresh" copy of the .sysex file, but make sure you don't have any active Anti-Virus scan during the download from our website and/or Pop-Up Block applications running. I've seen these corrupt the data in the firmware file.


By the way, if you have trouble finding the link to the M13's sysex file download here it is:


Try that and let us know.

Re: RE: M13 Looper issue - UNDO/REDO
by rohmer91 on 2011-09-28 11:20:07.2430


Try to check if you have a CC when you press the UNDO/REDO.

Try with a free soft like MIDI TEST ( )

You install the soft, plug the MIDI IN and MIDI OUT to you PC with a PC to USB adaptator.

When you press the  UNDO/REDO button, the CC B0 52 7F must be received via the midi out to the PC.

To double check, the same button in FX1B shoud output CC B0C 7F when engaged and CC B0 0C 00 when disengaged.

Re: M13 Looper issue - UNDO/REDO
by tristessamusic on 2011-09-29 23:58:15.6900

Thank you for your replies, I re-installed the firmware again and now its working...I will check the midi test this weekend.  Thanks again, hopefully the issue will not repeat itself. 

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