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true stereo effects
by derelict on 2011-09-25 14:56:50.8640

I need a list of what effects are true stereo and whitch are not for the M13

RE: true stereo effects
by Line6Don on 2011-10-03 11:50:00.8560

Hey derelict,

We do not have a official listing of which effects are true stereo and which are not.

I was able to try and test one out for you and found that all the delays, filters, verbs, mods should be true stereo.

Re: true stereo effects
by TheRealZap on 2011-10-03 12:30:16.6420

i would keep in mid that placement in the chain can fill stereo effcts as well...

a mono effect after a stereo effect = mono output.

Re: true stereo effects
by anglepod on 2012-06-16 00:55:38.3250

Searching through the confusions of stereo/mono etc. Wouldn't it be nice if the block diagram on the POD editor actually reflected the true pathway when using stereo and mono? Really is confusing.

Re: true stereo effects
by JimRyanLine6 on 2012-06-24 21:19:54.8790

I tested my M13 with an o-scope.  2 different signals applied to the Left and Right inputs results in 4 types of outputs:

True Stereo - Left input goes to the Left output, Right goes to the Right output, effect is added to each channel separately.

Mono - Left input and Right input are summed to mono, effect is added to the mono signal which goes to both the Left and Right outputs.

Stereo Thru/Mono Effect - Left input goes to the Left output, Right input goes to the Right output, Left input and Right input are summed to mono, effect is added to the mono signal which goes to both the Left and Right outputs.

Stereo Thru/Stereo Effect - Left input goes to the Left output, Right input goes to the Right output, Left input is processed to create a stereo effect and mixed with the Left and Right outputs, Right input is processed to create a stereo effect and mixed with the Left and Right outputs.

The difference between the last two is a mono effect will sound like it is in the center of the stereo field, a stereo effect will lay across the stereo field.

DelayTube EchoTrue Stereo
DelayTube Echo DryThruTrue Stereo
DelayTape EchoTrue Stereo
DelayTape Echo DryThruTrue Stereo
DelayMulti-HeadStereo Thru/Mono Effect
DelayAnalog EchoTrue Stereo
DelayAnalog w/ModTrue Stereo
DelaySweep EchoTrue Stereo
DelaySweep Echo DryThruTrue Stereo
DelayLo Res DelayTrue Stereo
DelayDigital DelayTrue Stereo
DelayDigital Delay w/ ModTrue Stereo
DelayStereo Delay LeftTrue Stereo
DelayPing PongStereo Thru/Stereo Effect
DelayReverseStereo Thru/Mono Effect
DelayDynamic DelayTrue Stereo
DelayAuto Volume EchoTrue Stereo
DelayEcho PlatterTrue Stereo
DelayEcho Platter DryThruTrue Stereo
ModulationOpto TremoloStereo Thru/Mono Effect
ModulationBias TremoloStereo Thru/Stereo Effect
ModulationPattern TremoloTrue Stereo
ModulationPhaserStereo Thru/Stereo Effect
ModulationDual PhaserStereo Thru/Stereo Effect
ModulationPanned PhaserStereo Thru/Stereo Effect
ModulationBarberpole PhaserTrue Stereo
ModulationScript PhaseTrue Stereo
ModulationU-VibeStereo Thru/Mono Effect
ModulationAnalog FlangerStereo Thru/Stereo Effect
ModulationJet FlangerStereo Thru/Stereo Effect
ModulationAC FlangerStereo Thru/Stereo Effect
Modulation80A FlangerMono
ModulationAnalog ChorusStereo Thru/Stereo Effect
ModulationTri ChorusStereo Thru/Stereo Effect
ModulationPitch VibratoStereo Thru/Mono Effect
ModulationPannerStereo Thru/Stereo Effect
ModulationRotary DrumStereo Thru/Stereo Effect
ModulationRotary Drm/HrnStereo Thru/Stereo Effect
ModulationDimensionStereo Thru/Stereo Effect
ModulationRing ModulatorStereo Thru/Stereo Effect
ModulationFrequency ShifterTrue Stereo
DistortionTube DriveMono
DistortionClassic DistMono
DistortionHeavy DistMono
DistortionBuzz SawMono
DistortionFacial FuzzMono
DistortionJumbo FuzzMono
DistortionFuzz PiMono
DistortionJet FuzzMono
DistortionLine 6 DriveMono
DistortionLine 6 DistortionMono
DistortionSub Octave FuzzMono
DistortionBass OctaverStereo Thru/Mono Effect
DistortionOctave FuzzMono
DistortionBoost CompMono
DistortionVolume PedalTrue Stereo
DistortionRed CompMono
DistortionBlue CompMono
DistortionBlue Comp TrebMono
DistortionVetta CompMono
DistortionVetta JuiceMono
DistortionTube CompMono
DistortionNoise GateMono
DistortionGraphic EQTrue Stereo
DistortionStudio EQTrue Stereo
DistortionParametric EQTrue Stereo
Distortion4 Band Shift EQTrue Stereo
DistortionMid Focus EQTrue Stereo
FilterTron DownTrue Stereo
FilterTron UpTrue Stereo
FilterSeekerTrue Stereo
FilterObi-WahTrue Stereo
FilterVoice BoxStereo Thru/Mono Effect
FilterV TronStereo Thru/Mono Effect
FilterThrobberTrue Stereo
FilterSpin CycleTrue Stereo
FilterComet TrailsTrue Stereo
FilterSlow FilterTrue Stereo
FilterOctisynthStereo Thru/Mono Effect
FilterSynth O MaticStereo Thru/Mono Effect
FilterAttack SynthStereo Thru/Mono Effect
FilterSynth StringStereo Thru/Mono Effect
FilterGrowlerStereo Thru/Mono Effect
FilterQ FilterTrue Stereo
FilterVetta WahTrue Stereo
FilterFasselTrue Stereo
FilterWeeperTrue Stereo
FilterChromeTrue Stereo
FilterChrome CustomTrue Stereo
FilterThroatyTrue Stereo
FilterConductorTrue Stereo
FilterColorfulTrue Stereo
FilterSmart HarmonyStereo Thru/Mono Effect
FilterPitch GlideStereo Thru/Mono Effect
Reverb‘63 SpringStereo Thru/Stereo Effect
ReverbSpringStereo Thru/Stereo Effect
ReverbPlateStereo Thru/Stereo Effect
ReverbRoomStereo Thru/Stereo Effect
ReverbChamberStereo Thru/Stereo Effect
ReverbHallStereo Thru/Stereo Effect
ReverbDuckingStereo Thru/Stereo Effect
ReverbOctoStereo Thru/Stereo Effect
ReverbCaveStereo Thru/Stereo Effect
ReverbTileStereo Thru/Stereo Effect
ReverbEchoStereo Thru/Stereo Effect
ReverbParticleStereo Thru/Stereo Effect

Re: true stereo effects
by anglepod on 2012-06-24 23:28:54.9070

Very, very cool indeed. thans so much for this effort must have taken a lot of your time.

We need to preserve this for future user reference. I found an older "stereo preserving"chart someone did but this is very specific and detailed and more accurate to be sure.

Thanks so much.

Have you any ability to analyze the frequency peaks on the stack power amp out EQ?? One wonders what LO and HI recorelate to and what the mid FOCUS does in relation to the HI and LO. Is it similar to the shift parametric effect??? Line 6 remains silent on the issue as issue and I cannot find anything regarding it. Without the knowledable users we would not understand anything about this unit. 

Sorry I just realized you have a M13 while I am speaking of the HD500. I am wanting to know what the EQ center is for the EQ ouput as to set up a better global setting instead of doing things by ear.

Re: true stereo effects
by goldglob on 2012-06-25 02:16:55.8010

THANKS. Excellent thorough work, and your classification of the 4 types of outputs is clear and concise. Some time ago I had figured out the general drift of all this by listening carefully to various configurations and settings but this really nails it. OK, straight to the print button.

Re: true stereo effects
by Line6david on 2012-10-17 09:02:06.6190


Wow. What a list!   I am going to KB This to help other users. BTW this list is identical to the way the effects in POD HD work as well. Uber helpfull. I'll Drop a link in a second. Thanks for the help JimRyan!


Re: true stereo effects
by Line6david on 2012-10-17 09:20:57.7640

Here ya go guys:">">

Thanks Again,


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