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What do you use for amp with Line 6 pedalboards?
by drraven on 2011-09-26 09:32:26.2960

I have an X3 Live pedalboard, and I connect the Line Out from the X3 to an 80W  Marshall Valvestate stereo power amp and then into a Marshall 4x12" stereo cab. I've been thinking of down-sizing this rig, but I don't like the idea of buying a 1x12" or 2x12" combo amp and just plugging into the Clean channel. Seems like a real waste of money and electronics. Does anyone know of a 1x12" or 2x12" "powered" cabinet that just has a power amp in it? I've already sent an email to Line 6 requesting they make such a product (makes sense with all the pedalboard products they make) but until they produce something, any other ideas? And feel free to share what amp you use with your Line 6 PBoard. Thanks!


Re: What do you use for amp with Line 6 pedalboards?
by TheRealZap on 2011-09-26 10:56:53.1850

a common one is a tech21 power engine 60

also a tube one by atomic amps that used to be very popular... i think they are hard to get a hold of now...

but you might look into the DT50 or the new DT25 as they will let you access very diverse power amp setups and bring in some HD models that you could access with the 4 cable method....

not to mention if you do an eventual upgrade you have even more possibilities with one of the DT amps and the HD pedals.

Re: What do you use for amp with Line 6 pedalboards?
by guitarzan8 on 2011-11-08 11:47:02.5150

Hey, great topic.  I use 100w Fender 1270p powered monitors in front of me as stage room permits.  I also sing so I usually have a floor monitor in front of me, most of the time the 1270's have to go behind me, next to the bass players rig.  That's where your post really interested me.  I'd like to see what others use, and are happy with, for live performance.  I have tried every Output type, Line/Combo Stack/Combo/Full Stack/etc., and my distortion sounds all suck on stage, but all reports are that it sounds Great! through the front end.

Re: What do you use for amp with Line 6 pedalboards?
by BigChas52 on 2011-11-08 12:15:45.8280

I'm rather low budget.  I plug my X3L directly into FoH with one of the XLR's, I then run one of the 1/4" outs into a Kustom 15" powered monitor wedge.  You can go upscale on the monitors as well; Mackie, etc., but like I've said, I'm on the cheap! lol

I've also used a Crate Power Block into a monitor wedge with great results.

The wedge is really just to hear myself and move some local air.  The X3L sounds devastatingly good through FoH (which is the main reason I haven't traded up to a POD HD yet).

Re: What do you use for amp with Line 6 pedalboards?
by guitarzan8 on 2011-11-14 09:13:17.3570

What tone do you use (and are satisifed with) for distorted rhythm?  I've tried dozens of different downloads off but they all sound buzzy and fuzzy onstage, but like you said, devastatingly good through the house system.  I use a tone that came loaded on the X3L from factory called Blossom.  Sounds nice and crunchy through headphones, and through the PA, but on stage through my (1/4" outputs, stereo) powered monitors, it sounds like a Big Muff on crack.

Re: What do you use for amp with Line 6 pedalboards?
by silverhead on 2011-11-14 09:54:08.8660

I don't use an amp.

For live play I have a portable PA system - the Fender Passport 300. For studio work I have a pair of 5" near-field monitors.

Re: What do you use for amp with Line 6 pedalboards?
by drraven on 2011-11-14 10:39:42.0280

Hey guys, sounds like you're all experiencing similar issues. I am getting a good sound on stage and out front but only because I'm lugging a Marshall 4x12" with me. For the P.A. I go direct out, but for distorted tones it can sound a bit too brtittle-bright so sometimes the soundguy will slap a mic in front of my cabinet and blend it with the D.I. Out to warm the tone up. For stage, I don't like the looseness of the bass frequencies from open-back speaker cabinets (playing mostly hard rock and classic metal so bass has to be tight) so a standard 1x12" or 2x12 combo is out as most are open-backed. And the Tech21 PowerEngine looks cool but I'd like a stereo 2x12" solution and a 1x12" PowerEngine is $339 at Musician's Friend so 2 of those starts to get expensive. I've been thinking that my solution will be to build a 2x12" cabinet using 2 speakers from my 4x12" and then build my Marshall stereo power amp into the cabinet. I still think this is a product that Line 6 could really do well with considering how many people use pedalboards and are plugging into the clean channel of a combo amp and not using the bulk of the electronics of the amp.

Guitarzan, I have a very specific tone I am chasing, and I know what you mean about the fuzzyness of many of the X3 patches. The closest I've got to a cleaner distorted tone from the Line 6 is a tone a friend and I cooked up based on the Dual Rectifier amp model. I'm at work now but I can post details later. I've always prefered real tube amps, but it's hard to beat the flexibility of the effects patching from the X3 Live and the convenience of carrying it all around in a lightweight pedalboard. It would take a lot of fancy dance moves to replicate some of the effects chains that can be switched instantly on the X3 with a standard pedalboard with individual pedals, and though I am still carrying the 4x12" around it's nice not to carry around a 50 lb. amp head as well. As far as powered monitors, in theory they should provide a great sound when speaker emulation from the X3 is used, but in real life that's not been my experience. They still tend to sound muffled and/or fuzzy. IMHO a better solution is to make an amplified speaker cabinet without preamp controls, with guitar speakers in it to more accurately produce the frequency range of a guitar, despite the cabinet emulation in the X3 live and other Line 6 products. I just have to figure out the cabinets dimensions for the project I mentioned above and then I can get started building. I'll report back with the results.


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