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A question about the Amp models of LowDown
by javi_bassist on 2011-09-26 11:34:51.0100


I bought a LowDown 400pro about a year ago.I had not used it so much (problems in my band and these things).But lately I've been using it a lot and I am trying many different things to listen to different sounds (I'm looking for a good sound and "exploring" my amp ).Anyway.My doubt is that,when I switch the amp model (let's say,from Clean to Rock),the amp makes a sound.But as soon as I move (just a little) one control (gain,for instance) the sound changes completely and I can't get back to the sound it made before (after switching the amp model and before switching any other control).

Is it that because the pre-amp is very different from the configuration I have in the amp,and when I change any other control everything changes?

Thanks for helping

Re: A question about the Amp models of LowDown
by TheRealZap on 2011-09-26 11:58:36.3300

when you change presets the amp restores the remembered settings (which you can change/store your own by holding the respective preset letter a few seconds)

but your knobs may be in a very different location than the saved tone...

so as soon as you moved it a little... it will jump from where it was saved to where the knob is physically situated now... causing the jump as it catches up and effectively enters an edit mode.

Re: RE: A question about the Amp models of LowDown
by darealagentp on 2011-09-26 12:01:26.0470

It is because when you switch to a different (digital) amp model, it will cause the amp to recall a set of digital value "defaults" associated with that Amp Model initially.


The minute you then change the Drive/Gain knob, the sound may change drastically, since the digital value of the knob is not necessarily the same as where the knob itself it physically positioned (this is the nature of all digital modelling devices, actually).


In order to get the sound back to the default value, you'd have to know where it was originally set to, or just use your ears and turn the particular parameter until the tone or output matches what you heard initially.

Re: A question about the Amp models of LowDown
by javi_bassist on 2011-09-26 12:58:11.8110

thank you so much to both of you for the answers .What you told it's what i thought at the beginning,but I wasn't sure.

Re: A question about the Amp models of LowDown
by TheRigere on 2012-11-16 14:44:56.9320

It would be nice if in the manual or somewhere could show us the actually settings of those "defaults" that way we could set the knobs there BEFORE calling up a preset and make small adjustments or tweaks without the massive changes like we've experienced... I know I've spent more than enouogh time tweak a preset only to call it back up because I need to start over  hahaha

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