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Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by sean106ESP on 2011-09-26 22:38:45.9080

Hey all. I have my 7 string guitars tuned to ADGCFAD and find it tedious to dial out some of the mud and want a more focused rhythm sound from the low bar chords. Any EQ effect advice for dialing out that mud and a more focused heavy distortion? Thanks.

Re: Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by gregr on 2011-09-26 22:41:46.0780

Did you try the screamer?

Re: Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by sean106ESP on 2011-09-26 23:21:06.2540

I did and it helped a little but then it kinda threw the standard knobs out of whack. I was wondering if someone had some good EQ settings and a particular EQ model they use for low tunings like A on a 7 string.

Re: Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by gregr on 2011-09-26 23:30:14.5220

You could play around with cutting 220Hz on the Graphic EQ, or try the same with parametric EQ with the frequency set to around 25%.

Re: Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by sean106ESP on 2011-09-27 07:46:22.9380

Thnaks Greg. will give it a try today.

Re: Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by meambobbo on 2011-09-27 09:55:15.6920

It all depends on the amp model you are using.  In general, I like to use a Studio EQ with low freq set at 75 or 150 HZ and I'll cut them, and high freq set at 400 or 800 HZ and I'll boost them.  But for some amp models, too much highs can make the amp get a little crackly.  For those I'll use a parametric EQ with low Q and pretty high gain, and I'll set the frequency between 38 and 60%.  You gotta find the sweet spot.  Then adjust the "highs" parameter until you get a good balance of smooth distortion and crackle.

No matter what you do you're virtually guaranteed to knock your amp EQ knobs a little off.  You may have to resort to using some EQ effects after your amp to compensate.

For more detailed info, you could take a look at the guide I wrote.

Re: Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by ronnied50 on 2011-09-27 12:53:04.6290

What type of pickups are you using,I use stock pickups in an Ibanez 7 string using the tread plate model boosted with a tube screamer and don't get any mud,The only setting i change on the tube screamer is the output...i start at 50% and blend it till i here no jump in sound when the effect comes on.

Re: Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by sean106ESP on 2011-10-05 09:07:16.6940

Hey sorry for the late reply. Was away.

See that was the problem. I changed the pup's. The stock Apex1BBk comes with low ouput PAF 7's. Not the overwound stuff. I am such a noob to passives as all my guitars have EMG 60/81's so EQing or dialing in tone for pasives is so new. So I have a friend in CA who is a 7 string God LOL (as he has so many)....and he explained to his DiMarzio rep what tone I want and he suggested these: (see picture below..Pair of DM DeAct's)

I pick it up today again from the shop (had to bring it back as I thought their wa something wrong with he pups as it sounded worse and the set up as a little off....and when I pay the money for a set up on a trem..I want it right ) I do all my own setups as all my other guitars are fixed bridge and I can do them no problem) Trems I am still getting used to. Finicky little things.

So I will report back tonight or tomorrow. I have it tuned down to ADGCFAD. Here is the guitar, pup's and swag he sent me. I know most hate KoRn but I love their old stuff and have been writing a lot on the 7 in that tuning and adding textures to my songs in D standard. So he knows them and got me some picks they actually used as you can see they are a little worn and he works in the same shop as their old tech of 9 years.

One on the left as I like the Blaze pup's in the TBC one. They are for the black one.

Thanks guys!

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Re: Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by sean106ESP on 2011-10-05 17:58:53.6230

Thanks and I love your manual. It  helped me nail my ESP Explorer tones with EMG's.

So when I EQ I take it I should stick one in front of the amp and one behind it too? Will be experimenting tonight. I am gonna start with an empty patch of blocks and start with the Treadplate as that seems to work well live with my Mark V (no cab sims of course). I will experiment with EQ's in the front and back. Also to Ronnie, see what a tube screamer set to below.

Ronnie does your Ibby have a trem? I know trems of course, or to me, sound different to fixed bridges and all my other guitars are fixed bridges.

Re: Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by meambobbo on 2011-10-05 18:54:14.0390

I usually put one EQ effect or distortion effect (with drive turned all the way down) before the amp to change the way the amp distorts, then I use 2-4 EQ effects behind the amp.  I'll usually use one parametric EQ with a mid to low Q to boost a spot I feel is lacking but can't dial in with the amp's controls.  I find this is usually around frequency 25-35% to dial in the low warmth, 50-55% to dial in those djenty mids, or 70-80% to get the top of the mids or a little fizz.  I also find I can sometimes use a mid cut around 42% to get out the honky mids, which the mids amp knob often misses.

Also, I will use a Studio EQ to trim the very high (8000 HZ) and low (75 or 150 HZ) ends (although sometimes I have to boost the high end).

I might use some more parametric EQ's if I have effect block space.  I'll set these with Q to 80-100% and find places I want to cut, usually in the 80-100% frequencies, to dial down some of the fizzy spots that sound too noisy.  If I'm using one of the cab/mic combinations that has too much bass or boominess (XXL 4x12 especially), I'll set one to 13% frequency and cut hard.

Check out some of the settings on my tone demo, particularly the Dream Theater, Meshuggah, and Periphery ones.

Re: Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by meambobbo on 2011-10-05 18:55:16.9720

and now I've got GAS

Re: Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by sean106ESP on 2011-10-05 19:08:37.7310

Thanks man. Yeah I just spent  like an hour and just can't get this weird almost single coil sound. If your playing and quick switching the toggle back and forth over and barely changes the sound.

I am gonna try your settings. Thanks for posting those pictures.

Out of those pictures (sorry I am not familiar with the tones of all those bands as I am kinda narrowminded LOL) Which setting would you recommend for a live setting for my Apex 7's tuned to A standard? Not really looking for the KoRn tone, but I do like the sound of the first record and last one Korn III (they used on the 1st 2 albums and Korn III the same set up.....Universes with a Marshall and a modded pedal some guy did for them called "The Bigger Muff PI". Don't know much background about the pedal but it basically was not give them such fuzz but kinda tighten the distortion of the trem guitars. Thanks again man!

Re: Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by sean106ESP on 2011-10-05 19:11:17.7620

Yeah Apex's are great. If you like 7 stringers; get a K-7. Even if you don't like Korn. They sound great and play excellent. I am pretty sure the were modeled after Universes as that is what James and Brian first used.

Here are pix of my old K-7 I sold to get the Apex's.

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Re: Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by meambobbo on 2011-10-05 20:30:42.8940

The early Korn tones fall into the WTF file.  A lot of people trash them, and I myself can't say I'm a huge fan in general.  But I would say they actually fit well into the music, and I do enjoy Korn.

I've read a number of different things.  The amps were Marshall, Triple Recto's, or H&K (heard both Attax and Tri-axis).  I used to have a H&K Attax 1x12 combo amp.  It actually does have that kind of distortion - a bit more like fuzz than a crisp traditional rock tone.

You basically want to do the opposite of what I usually do, which is brighten the tone using an EQ or overdrive pedal then get your distortion from the amp's pre-amp or power amp.  So I would use a fuzz pedal and turn up its drive quite a bit - use it as your main distortion phase.  keep the amp relatively clean, or let it break up just a bit, just to make the fuzz tone a bit "dirtier".  If you're going to use amp distortion, I'd recommend using the JCM-800 rather than the Recto, and I'd put a parametric EQ in front of it with a strong boost at 50% Q on some frequency between 5-30%.  You need a real dark tone to get the distortion to break-up in that really dirty, fuzzy way.

A lot of the brightness they get, like the high part on the intro to Blind, seems to come from a chorus or some kind of modulation effect.  That's not my forte, but it does sound like whatever it is cranked up high and set in front the distortion.

Also note their tone isn't that distorted.  You don't want it mushy, you want it more like a crunch.

If the fuzz distortion makes the tone too loose, you might be able to get the fuzz tone first with a distortion effect, then run an EQ to brighten the tone a little, then run it into the amp with a mild amount of distortion.  This would be an attempt to get the amp distortion to compress and tighten up the low end coming from the fuzz tone, without doing much else to alter the distortion tone.

As far as the amp's EQ knobs or post-amp EQ effects go, it seems pretty neutral.  Just make sure the mids are the emphasis, not the lows, and certainly not the highs.

I'm gonna go give it a shot.  I'll let you know if I succeed.

Re: Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by sean106ESP on 2011-10-05 21:13:04.8310

Thanks man. Yeah I got the Korn tone stuff from a friend who got me the pickups and picks actually used in the studio. He works with their old tech for Head Chris "Care Bear". (Man he has som crazy stories. Many said about Head's demise and frankly I dunno who those guys are still alive with all the did on tour.

I really want to try to make my 7's real tight and focused like my ESP MX custom shop (set neck...not the USA bolt on ones). i got them when I had a contact in Japan and custom spec'd them out the same.

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When I was just using the Mark V I bought a Bigg Muff and well...LOL it was too much fuzz and muddy. But yeah maybe I will try a fuzz at a low mix.

Here is a real sample of Munky's rhythm track. I ONLY like the main riff tone and then the pre-chorus tone which gives you an idea. Has a little fuzz but sounds like more just distortion.

Liar (guitars only isolated)

This song I really like the guitar tone also:

Also I am sure u know already I don't want cab sims. I took some of your patches, turned off the cabs and tweaked and got some real close tones to what I am looking for. Nice work. I good not believe how many EQ's!

have you heard of Volbeat? I really like the tone they get on some of their stuff as I play in D standard or Open C with my band.

Re: Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by meambobbo on 2011-10-05 22:50:03.2640

Ok, check my tone demo page again. I added a Korn patch - it's the last one.  It's in the zip file as well.

I went back and listened a little more, and the tone wasn't as muddy as I initially thought.  I started off trying to use the fuzz distortion effects, and they were all too flubby/muddy to get the right tone.

I ended up using a blend of the Marshall JCM-800's pre and power amp distortions.  I put two parametric EQ's in front the amp boosting mids.  This gets the distortion sounding real dirty, but not too loose or muddy.  I'm not 100% satisfied with the sound, but I feel like it's close enough.  Maybe you could play around with it and get it closer.  The pre-distortion mid-boosts make the post-distortion tone kind of nasty with honking mids, so I turn them down after the amp.  I also try to dial in the basic EQ sound by boosting in the presence range.  Since you're getting power amp distortion, the amp's EQ controls don't really have much effect on the EQ.

I used the Greenbacks 4x12 with the 87 Condensor mic.  This cab tends to be very mid-heavy.  So if you change it to "no cab", you may need to dial in more mids.  I'd start by removing the two parametric EQ's that cut mids after the amp, or maybe turn them from cuts to boosts.

I'm also now realizing Korn's actual tone seems to have a touch of reverb on it.  You might want to take off the noise suppressor or Studio EQ and replace it with some verb.

BTW, I noticed in that first clip you posted, it sounds more like Korn's full mix tone - you get that nasty clicky/buzzy high-end distortion.  That shouldn't actually be in the guitar - Korn gets that sound from the bass guitar.  It's a combination of fret buzz and distortion.

Hope this helps.

Re: Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by sean106ESP on 2011-10-06 01:07:36.1930

Hey thanks so much.. Late here (almost 4AM NYC time) and will hit it tomorrow night. I am just wondering since I want to use it live with my Mark V should I just remove the cab sim right off the bat or try it live with the cab sims?

Yeah I agree after you last posted I was fooling around with the Brit and a bunch of fuzz/distortion pedals and everything was as you mentioned a bit muddy or stale. (Keep in mind I was using no cab sims and direct into my Mark V FX Return)

Yeah I hear ya on the bass of their sound. So much of the snap comes from the way fieldy slaps the bass. I don't play bass but can wing it for demo's with a pick. I just wonder if the pup's in the K5 give you that snap on it's own without playing slap bass.  (GC had one brand new for $449 during Labor Day weekend........I knew I should have snapped it it is gone now. That was when I went and got the HD500 with the 15% off coupon and also some RoKIT 5's which were on sale)

Lemme ask you one last thing. On this DeActivator 7's......I notice the pup in the bridge is real high and close to the strings. Do you think if I back it down a bit I might get more full chord type stuff? See that is my issue with these new pup's is that when I do bar chords on the low A string (like a low A chord up to a C or D bar chord)  it feels like you hear all the strings (3) you hit and just does not sound right like a full simple power chord. I am wondering if I move them away...yeah I may loose some output tone....but I can always add more gain if I feel the bar chords sound better.

I also was playing back and forth toggle between pups again and while plucking with one hand and switching over and over....I really don't hear a difference in the neck and bridge pup still.

Thanks so much again man; you have been so helpful!

Re: Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by sean106ESP on 2011-10-06 06:15:03.8510

Hey my man! I got to try the patch out using my DAW and Monitors not my amp. So I left the cab sims on.

Now I really think it is those new pup's. Still was kinda dark, boomy and a little muddy. But sounded great through a ESP Explorer using the bridge EMG 81.

So pissed I bought this pups. I might as well have my old ones put in. Damn I so wish these had room for EMG's as  just always have good luck with them for the past 15 or so years. The last time I used passives when I used to play Gibson's with their passives. I just never have luck with passives.

Are not the DeAct's supposed to be great pup's? My guy told me his rep said the combo is close to the EMG 81 and EMG 60. That is what I hate about passives is once they are in you need so solder them out etc. I love how EMG's have quick swap connectors and you can easily experiment with different EMG's. My guy also said aybe I got some soggy mahogany and since he has been using DiMarzio's for years and playing Ibby 7's. He said also the bridge quality my have a roll in the issue. He said maybe the Alder Apex may sound better because of 1 the wood and 2 that something about what the Ibby manufacturer he dealt with used different parts on the trems compared to the new ones.

Who hum. I will get this eventually. I just gotta  be patient and keep tweaking. The TBC Apex100 is brand new with the newer parts and my Apex biker black is from 2007.

Re: Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by chimp_spanner on 2011-10-06 06:57:38.9250

Yeah I think as has already been said here the key is to use pre-distortion tone shaping to get rid of the inherant mud of a low tuned string. I also find that going easy on the gain really helps as well. The low strings seem to carry much more energy anyway, so you don't need to drive them anywhere near as hard to get a good crunchy rhythm tone.

Even on the X3 Pro, all my heavy rhythm patches for 7 and 8 string guitars have the gain at half way, at the most Good luck in your quest for tone!

Re: Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by meambobbo on 2011-10-06 08:12:40.4360

i was playing around with the patch this morning and I found it a little muddy myself.  I was using the intro to Blind as a reference - Faget is better because you have a more traditional riff with palm muting.

Try turning off the first parametric EQ with frequency at 58%, and turn down the "lows" parameter on the second one.  Then turn down the "master volume" on the amp, and then turn up the "drive" knob until you get the right amount of distortion.  If it's still muddy, keep lowering the "lows".

EMG's are notoriously "thin".  They have very little frequency response in the low-mids.  So if you're getting the right sound with them but not the other pickups, I would say your best bet is to reduce that spot before your distortion (parametric EQ with frequency between 20-35%).  I would not consider the lack of low mids on the EMG's a good thing.  It helps dial in a metal sound, but it limits you out the gate.  It's better to have those frequencies to start, then cut them when you don't want them rather than never have them at all.  If you try to boost frequencies that aren't there, you'll just get a noisy tone.

I'm using a 6 string Yamaha Pacifica with 7 string strings on it and a Seymour Duncan AHB-1 bridge pickup in the bridge position.  This pickup is probably pretty bright - I'm guessing a little brighter than yours.  But it has good low mids response.  I don't find I have to cut them to get a smooth distortion.

Try doing this.  Set up a patch with absolutely NOTHING on it, or turn off EVERYTHING, amp included, and set up your looper in "Post" position.  You should be hearing your raw signal from the pickups.  Use the guitar with EMG's, and record something simple, like a low E power chord, then a palm mute using the looper.  Switch to your other guitar.  Now compare the raw tone between that guitar and the recorded tone in the looper.  Try to EQ the tone so that it sounds relatively the same.  Apply that EQ to the patch - it should give you the same distortion now.

Re: Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by sean106ESP on 2011-10-06 10:54:35.4100

Yeah I really like the tone on Faget. Especially the intro. That one guitar riffing the simple riff with the low A and then that first palm muting thingy.

So I am nuts. no I convinced myself that it is not the DeActivators as I plugged straight into the Mark V and gave it chance and tweaked a little and got good tone. Not so muddy. Still a bit deep. I am starting to think the HD500 cannot handle 7 string DeAct's in Low A tuning.

But I dunno I got figure it out somehow as I really don;t feel like spending the money on new pups taking a chance or even paying to have the stock PAF 7's back in.

LOL and all this EQ has my head spinning. I such a noice at EQ as I never used them. I just always had tube heads I tweaked and really no pedals other then a NS-2.

Like I get so confused when you keep saying things like keep lowering the low's when all these EQ's have so many Frequencies...heck i don't even know what a Q is! LOL

So thanks for putting up with me. I think the closest tone I liked was your Meshuggah patch! Thanks again man!

Re: Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by meambobbo on 2011-10-06 12:40:22.8740

hang in there, man.  the secret is EQ'ing.  The Mark V uses pre-gain EQ'ing to adjust your distortion tone.  Try setting its bass knob all the way up, and mid, treble, and presence knobs all the way down.  I bet your tone gets muddy.  The 5 band graphic EQ is what EQ's your post distortion tone - turning up the bass there won't make your tone muddy, just bass heavy.  There's a quick primer on pre-gain vs. post-gain EQ'ing.  This will work the same way on the Pod HD, only you don't get the simple bass, mid, treble, presence knobs.  But on the other hand, the Pod has a bunch of different amp models, so you can get a much wider variety of tones.

Just learn how to use the parametric EQ effect on the Pod HD.  It gives you the most control.  Forget about the others for now.

"lows" is a shelf EQ.  It boosts or cuts all frequencies above below I think 240 HZ.  Boosting it will make your tone sound like this (in the following diagram the amplitude or volume is on the y axis and frequency is on the x axis):



Cutting would look like:



50% is neutral.  100% is max boost.  0% is max cut.

"highs" works the same way but its cutoff frequency is at 1.5 kHZ (1500 HZ).  Boosting:






So you consider "lows" the same as your bass knob and "highs" the same as your treble and presence knobs, more or less.

The frequency, Q, and gain controls all work together as a peak/valley EQ.  Frequency defines the location on the frequency spectrum where the apex of the cut/boost will occur.  Q defines how narrow or wide the boost/cut is.  Gain defines whether you are cutting or boosting and how strong you are doing so.

So turning up the gain with frequency at 50% would look like this:


_____/ \______

Moving frequency up to 70% would look like this:


________/ \___

Turning down the Q would look like this:


______/     \_

Turning up the Q:


Just play with it until you can really hear how these controls shape the tone.  When you change settings, try to toggle the effect off, play a little and turn it back on.  When you change settings you might be subconsciously thinking it's doing something else because of the comparable tone at the old settings.

So if I'm trying to match my tone's EQ to something else, I'll start by getting a reference clip and getting my tone at the same volume as that clip.  then i'll try to determine what the difference is in very basic terms - does it have more bass or less.  more treble or less.  I'll see if adjusting the "lows" or "highs" gets me closer.  Everything in the middle I'll have to adjust using the peak/valley part of the EQ.  I'll set the Q up to like 85%, so that I can hear clearly how it's changing my tone, and crank up the gain.  Then I'll sweep the frequency control to find the spot where it feels like i need to adjust.  i'll lower the Q to widen that spot until it feels like the size of the boost/cut i need, then adjust the gain to get it as close as I can.

The more you mess with it, the more you'll understand what the hell I'm talking about.

Re: Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by sean106ESP on 2011-10-06 18:12:52.4610

Wow thanks so much for the detailed response on schooling me on EQ! I am copying this into a document. Yeah the best tone with just the right into the Mark V is basically a setting I got from a petrucci vid for rhythm Mark IV mode chug. Keeping the bass low and really using the sliders to sculpt my tone.

But I guess that all goes out the window because when i plug the HD500 into the FX return it takes over the amp and all the knobs on the V are off...correct?

Another update.....I think my shop wired my Apex1BBk wrong. My luthier in long beach CA who sold it to me said the guitar should absolutly not sound the way I describe. So I took detailed pix of the internal wiring so he can diagnose if it is wired wrong. Then take it back to the shop and demand they re-do it no charge.

Re: Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by meambobbo on 2011-10-06 18:58:24.9000

that's correct about using the fx loop return.  i was talking about when you're using just the mark V to illustrate the principle of dialing down pre-distortion bass to alter the muddiness of the distorted tone.

that's a real bummer if they messed up the wiring.  can you get a good clean sound out of it?  that should tell you a lot.  also, i'd try to play it like a 6 string with the good Petrucci settings on the Mark V - ignore that deep string.  you should be able to get that awesome Petrucci tone out of it.

Re: Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by sean106ESP on 2011-10-06 19:36:32.5200

Ready to tackle the HD500 for live 7 string now. LOL The tool that installed the pups over soldered one of the wires over one two many tabs. Sounds killer through the Mark V. IMO the DeActivator 7's sound as punchy as a EMG60 and sharp and clear as a EMG 81.

Meambobbo ready to tackle your KoRn advice tonight!

Re: Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by sean106ESP on 2011-10-06 19:39:35.6880

Gotcha my man. Check my last post all the way to the bottom I just made. Kudos to you my friend. Ready to rip up your KoRn patch and make my ears bleed tonight

Re: Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by meambobbo on 2011-10-07 09:07:05.6780

ok, i kind of made this an obsession, and i think i have a good Korn tone finally.  it's in the zip file and there's a clip on my tone demo page.

The Marshall was giving me the kind of dirty sound I wanted for most of the notes, but it couldn't get the tight palm mutes.  Putting a Tube Screamer in front helped a little, but it needed more.

I found the solution was to turn up the drive on the Screamer, so that the Screamer distorts the palm mutes, but the Marshall handles everything else, more-or-less.

If you look at the "settings" link with the picture, you'll see I added a "buzzsaw" distortion.  That gives you their super dirty sound, but it's not their main tone.

For live use, I would turn the cab to "no cab", then start turning slowly moving each EQ's "highs", "lows", and "gain" controls towards 50% on the parametric EQ's, and move the high gain on the Studio EQ up a bit.  Just move it until it sounds good and don't go too far.

Re: Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by sean106ESP on 2011-10-07 11:01:58.4420

Hey thanks again man. I downloaded it now and will try it out tonight both through my DAW and live thru the MArk V. U are the HD500 tone master for sure.

I am meeting them at the Roseland show in NY and ask him a bunch of gear questions. Probably will bug him too much. but I just want my Apex back plates signed and show him his used picks and watch him bug out. "Like where did u get those?" LOL

I also wanna know what his current rig is or how he combines stuff live. Like I know he is a big live Road King Fan and was also using VH4's live for a while.

I like this tone but seems like they like their fuzz live certainly. (I have the mp3 and the sizzle and fuzzy tone is very prominant)

But then again this is kinda old:


Re: Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by meambobbo on 2011-10-07 11:35:58.1070

whooooaaaa, you're not kidding!  another thing to think about is that a lot of their studio tone might be engineers doing a bunch of post-processing, or tweaking, or micing, etc.  there's a lot involved there.  also, it seems like the two guitarists have different tones on the record - one's a bit more fuzzy, while the other is pretty tight.  i'm very curious to know what they do live now that they've only got one guitarist.  i'm guessing they just play a track off a cd or something.

Re: Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by sean106ESP on 2011-10-07 12:08:45.5850

Well I won't go into it too much but from my source the reason one is tight and the other is....kinda fuzzy and layers FX's is was a major drug addict (who left the band...hint hint). I always thought they made the "U-Bar" for the K-7 trems for weird bends and not full whammy bar stuff. Not the case. It was because a certain someone was so fucked up he would alwyas knock the fine tuners out while the other did not need it really and seems to not use it live. Actually it is no secret. He has a book out.

As for how they play now. They have a session guitar player who is kinda in the back. You can see him and all but he clealry is not in the band and does all the stuff that is like textural or added melodies when not stacking rhythms with Munky. Also in the first phase they had some of the guys from Slipknot fill in on 2nd guitar and drums.

I have Munky's IMV DVD where he teaches u Blind and Falling Away From Me. But I bought it really for the interview of Munky and his technique, influences, gear. He claims in it he really likes live the Road Kind for dirties and a Bogner for cleans. He also has a pedal board they call the "Sapceship" or something like that. He is big into analogue pedals and hates midi as he says. Frankly I see midi as being easier as when I was running a Triaxis-2:90-G-Major-GCX-Ground Control Pro rig....things were way easier to get to.


Re: Any advice for dialing out mud from 7 String guitars?
by meambobbo on 2011-10-07 13:43:18.9710

nice to know.  i can't stand tap dancing on all the analogs.  if i ever needed to use them, i'd get like 2-3 of each pedal and have them all set up in separate chains then just let a line switcher pick which chain to use.  the roadies can deal with setting them up and picking them up and all that.

at least that's what i'd do if I had money and roadies.

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