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POD HD - Monkey hangs during startup
by rthwsbh on 2011-09-28 09:52:00.9110

I received my POD HD today and looked forward to connecting it to the computer to edit the models and update firmware. However Line6 Monkey 1.43 hangs during startup with the message "Searching for all devices". Searching the forums I noticed that several others have had issues with this and I have tried "everything" like reinstalling drivers, disconnecting all USB devises etc etc but the issue remains. This is quite frustrating and not a good start with my new POD:( Any suggestions on how to workaround this bug?

RE: POD HD - Monkey hangs during startup
by Line6Don on 2011-10-04 11:30:50.3390

Hey keykeeper,

Please remove any additional unnecessary USB and firmware devices from your computer when troubleshooting this issue.

I would suggest that you use the Line 6 Uninstaller located at:

C:\Program Files\Line6\Tools

C:\Program Files(x86)\Line6\Tools (Windows 7 location)

Make sure to disconnect your Line 6 hardware from the computers USB port before you launch in the uninstaller. Launch the uninstaller and select only the Line 6 Drivers from the check-able boxes. Proceed to uninstall the drivers and restart the computer once it has completed.

Upon restart, keep your Line 6 hardware disconnected, and proceed to download and install the latest Line 6 Windows Drivers from the link below:

Windows Drivers

Towards the end of the installation, you will prompted to reconnect your Line 6 hardware, make sure that it is turned on before you connect it when prompted. Make sure to connect it directly to a USB port and not a USB hub, extension, or keyboard of any kind, preferably connect it to a USB port on the rear of computer. Upon completion of the Line 6 Driver installer, Windows should display a message by your system clock indicating that it has detected your Line 6 hardware, click on the message to proceed to install the Windows drivers. Make sure to follow through with the Windows driver installation and click continue anyway to the message that will appear. Once this finishes, look for Windows to display another message by your system clock that your Hardware has been installed successfully.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.