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So many problems with UX2 software; specifically POD Farm 2.51
by magreen01 on 2011-09-28 21:56:05.9940

Just purchased the UX2 this evening from my local Guitar Center. Get home, install it, have it working just fine with POD Farm 1. I decide to use POD Farm 2 and it states that I need to open up License Manager in order to use it fully or purchase it online. I open up License Manager and authorize my computer/UX2. Then, I try to download the add-ons. This takes forever then presents an error code. I exit, uninstall, do some digging and try a possible solution. Anyway, I've made it even worse now:

  • Tried to reinstall all the programs and used Line 6 Monkey to ensure all were updated.
  • Went to attempt to install add-ons via License Manager and it showed that "Deauthorization [was] Pending" on my UX2.
  • Clicked the "Remove" button beside this add-on text and nothing happened, except for an error stating: "Programming purchases on hardware failed. 0xff from Server - Not found"
  • All I want is my UX2 working with POD Farm 2.51 on my x64 Windows 7 computer.

Thanks very much in advance.

RE: So many problems with UX2 software; specifically POD Farm 2.51
by Line6Hugo on 2011-10-04 15:53:37.4210

First, can you please fill out your computer support profile so we have a better idea of your computer system:

Please remove all other USB devices (except for a mouse and keyboard on a desktop computer) while troubleshooting this problem. Completely remove ANY USB hubs, even if not in use, and test the UX2 on all of your computer's USB ports, mainly those on the back of the computer.

Then, completely uninstall all Line 6 software using the Line 6 Uninstaller located in the Line 6 Programs folder under Tools.

Then, re-install POD Farm 2.51 and use Line 6 Monkey to update the drivers. Use License Manager to authorize the UX2 and install the bits. Test on all of your computer's USB ports. IF the problem persists, I suggest testing on a different computer in case there is a problem with the hardware.



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