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Latency issues with UX-8
by normen on 2011-09-29 06:30:28.3070

It seems logical to me that the lowest input latency of the UX-8 is about double the latency of other devices because if you can record the processed signal it obviously has to be sampled and processed before the buffer is delivered to the recording software. This of course increases the native roundtrip latency but runnig a full production on 128 or even 64 samples is illusionary anyway, that only works without much processing while recording maybe.  What I am wondering though is why the *output* latency of the interface seems to increase much more than the input latency, also when I raise/change the devices "processing buffer" its the value thats affected most. The lowest possible output latency with 44.100 Hz I can get is 10ms (which is in the region of the *roundtrip* latency of the "tone direct" monitoring at those settings!).. Which makes playing drums via a pad feel very awkward.. On my MacBook Pro with internal audio interface I get about 3ms output latency which allows playing the drum machines nicely. Another USB audio interface from Phonic that I use gets me as low as 4ms on the windows computer the UX-8 normally is connected to..  So while I guess I cannot hope for lots of investment in the current drivers and system for the UX-8 to fundamentally change this I still hope to get some answers to understand the issue better. I am using Reason 5 / Record 1.5 for comparing this on both systems.  Cheers, Normen Hansen

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