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Whats the best stage sound?
by naruto177 on 2011-09-29 10:52:29.5370

Im having my first gig in 2 days and im trying to see if i can get the best sound with my equipment. I have the Line 6 POD HD 500 im going to have it hook up to the PA and one to a blackheart amp on stage. Do I use 2 mono cords through both or 2 balance to both or 1 balance to PA or 1 mono to amp?  What would you reccomend and all my patches are centered.

Re: Whats the best stage sound?
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-09-29 11:46:49.6470

The problem you may experience in supplying the PAwith a balanced signal as well as your on stage amp with an unbalanced signal is that the HD500 cannot send in STUDIO DIRECT mode from the XLR outputs and in COMBO PWR AMP or COMBO FRONT from the unblanced 1/4" outputs.

I think for the future you need to look into this some more as there are acceptable ways around it (in my opinion), but for your gig in two days (unless you have time to experiment beforehand with DI) I think I would play safe and just concentrate on getting your sound through your guitar amp right and let your sound man worry about getting a good sound using the old fashioned approach using a microphone.

For future reference I would personally recommend that you try a DI box that will accept a speaker level signal between your amp's speaker output and the speaker OR between the output of the HD500 and the power amp input on your amp.  In both cases I think a DI box like Hughes and Kettner's Red Box (or the cheaper Behringer Ultra GI GI100 with speaker emulation) will produce good results for you.

You can do something that will work but which will require a dual signal chain in the HD500 and two amp models - one with cab emulation on (this will go to the PA) and the other a PRE version of the same amp with cab emulation turned off (this will go to your amp's power amp) but this will limit the amount of DSP resources you have available for other things.

The bottom line is the HD500 cannot produce the two different simultaneous output modes you need so you may have to employ a workaround sch as one of those outlined above to get a good sound from both your amp and the PA at the same time.


Re: Whats the best stage sound?
by naruto177 on 2011-09-29 12:36:47.0780

Well my teacher is letting me use her black heart amp. I want the POD go to PA and somehow the POD to amp also for stage volume cause I wont be able to hear myself on the PA. Is this the same way or a whole different situation. When i said one from unbalance and 1 mono i was trying to give examples like maybe hook PA and amp with bth balance or mono.  Does that make sense?

Re: Whats the best stage sound?
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-09-29 13:04:22.6110


i understand what you are trying to achieve.  The problem is that the HD500 cannot output two differently EQ'd signals using two different output modes (an output mode simply shapes the sound to match what it's being fed into using an EQ curve).  A standard guitar amp usually requires a differently EQ'd signal to a PA which requires a 'flatter' EQ'd signal.

How well do you 'know' your teacher's Blackheart amp?  Have you used it a lot with your HD500 before?  If you have, then my advice given you only have two days is to concentrate on getting your own on-stage sound sounding great through the amp and for your gig in two days in your position I would recommend letting the sound guy mic up the amp or take a DI signal directly from the amp's speaker output (I would let him do what he thinks is best personally).

I think that if you try to use the HD500 with the PA and an on-stage amp without first having tried it in a dry-run, you may be surprised at how different your on-stage amp may sound from what's coming out of the PA.  I think your safest option and most consistent option given you don't have much time to get it right before your gig is to mic up the amp thi time and work on your goal of using an amp and PA simultaneously between now and your next gig.

If you set up your stage sound how you like it and so you can hear yourself, the sound guy will mic up or DI your amp as he sees best and then in this instance you should get a front of house sound that is very close to what you're hearing on-stage.

If you're not so bothered about your on-stage sound being different to the FOH sound then to achieve a mono signal out front using the HD500's XLR outputs, you will need to use both Left and Right outs to ensure that you always get a full signal to the PA that the sound guy can mix to mono at the desk if he wishes.


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