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On the Fence
by neyko on 2011-09-30 10:30:08.4110

I was about to buy Guitar Rig - but I do NOT need amp sims.

I finally started finding demo vids of the Lind 6 M13 ambient/shoegaze sounds - U2, M83, Robin Guthrie, Radiohead, The Xx, Hammock etc.

I understand I can insert my 6 pedals I have into a loop with this.

I was blown away by GR5's sounds but I need something for live use and would prefer not to have to purchase an entire laptop to devote to the software.

Do you think I will be happy with the ambient, delays effects I can get from this?

Any videos you want to show - please do.

I am not buying into the "you need to buy 30 boutique vintage pedals to do that" argument.

Thanks for your help and Hello! 

Re: On the Fence
by phil_m on 2011-09-30 14:15:36.9470

In a word, yes. I think the M13 is perfect for the type of music you're describing. The fact that you can run multiple delays together along with different reverbs makes ideal for that kind of music.

Re: On the Fence
by neyko on 2011-10-06 12:31:31.6150

I returned a competitor's program and a refurbished laptop and will go with this.

But M9 or M13?   I don't need the distortion.

I like the new softwaere upgrade of the M13 - what other benefit other than 1 extra pedal (with with what I am doing may be necessary) do I get? I want to use two pedal distortions I have with this.

Re: On the Fence
by phil_m on 2011-10-06 12:38:44.8760

The pallette of effects that the M13 and M9 offer is exactly the same, and as far as the updates for them, they are at the same place from a firmware perspective. What the M13 offers is, like you said, an extra effects module, 48 scenes instead of 24, an effects loop, and a dedicated LCD screen for each FX module. Personally, I find the M13 a little easier to edit quickly simply because you have a screen showing the exact settings for each effect you have on at the moment. On the M9, the screen simply shows the setting for the effect you last turned on. It really depends on whether or not you can live with the bigger footprint of the M13.

Re: On the Fence
by neyko on 2011-10-08 05:59:17.7910

I bought the M13. I only had time to use it for one hour and I am impressed with how intuitive it is. I didn't even have to open the manual and I was moving pedals and adjusting sounds.

I have a request - and perhaps I should do this under a new thread - but as this request has to do with still being on the fence and deciding whether I will kepp or return the item here goes:

I would like to get a Cocteau Twins sound from the M13. A shoegaz sound. I am willing to use the sends to use my own two distortion pedals so I can fully utilize the pallete of chorus and delays (an other?) to do this.

this will not be its only use for sounds - but if I can do this I AM SOLD!

Does anyone have a suggestion of pedal order and settings to get any kind of sound in this vein? I know there are a vareity of sounds within the genre.

I am going to post a couple vids to help you help me. : )

(I know there are two guitas on the above)

The above is a prime example - a cover of a Slowdive song where the reverb is heavy but the guitar sound still comes through

A delay type use with I guess and octo and trichorus type effect?

Also, my amp has a EVM12 which will not add color like say a Patriot speaker will - so any suggestions to get more "warmth" (I guess boosting the low end a bit in settings?) would be appreciated.

I hope you see this as a fun request and don't get ticked saying figure it out yourself! I have a limited time befoe I can return tis if it doesn't satisfy my needs and I want it, too.  as I am a HUGE fan of Reason VSTs and am giving the M13 the benefit of the doubt it can fulfill my needs - in the face of all the garheads arguing I need a pedal board with boutique, vintage pedals. 


Re: On the Fence
by neyko on 2011-10-09 10:38:10.7720

What is that websites with digrams of people's guesses of bands' pedal setups?  Thanks.

Re: On the Fence
by neyko on 2011-10-12 17:13:40.3640

That site is called

You should get a good idea of how to set up some M13 ideas there.

Thanks man.

No problemo.

Re: On the Fence
by neyko on 2011-10-13 12:33:14.9460

Too bad that site doesn't include the levels.

But it is clear chorus with some flange is key. And the M13 has this.

Re: On the Fence
by neyko on 2011-10-20 14:13:05.7660

I am impressed. Perhaps it is better the pedal order and setting were not handed to me. I sat down and made sure I had time. I came up with sounds to my liking.

The sound is a little piercing at time but my EVM speaker is unforgiving so I see this as simply needing to tweak.

I like the sounds so much that I want to get a large pedal board and use a few of the pedals I already own and use them in the FX Send/Return.

The last multi effect I bought was a multiverb. I don't care what people say, I think with the right tweaking it is good.

But the M13 simply blows it out of the water with its ease of use. 

Finally a multieffect that doesn't have cab/amp simulators and a ton of phase/chorus/verb and other "clean" effects. It is like M13 is the first company not to focus half their energy on shredder presets.

I look forward to the midi upgrade - but I am quite content right now and I have only scratched the surface.

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