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Pod HD stick with it
by rodney13 on 2011-10-03 06:24:57.6890

Well almost a year on from owning the Pod HD 500 and i have only touched the surface with it

From time to time i read that people are having trouble getting a good sound from the HD

Ill probably get sworn at for saying this but a good tradesman never blames his tools.

The combinations and possibilities that you can have are just to many to mention so stick with it

Re: Pod HD stick with it
by Brazzy on 2011-10-03 07:49:12.4240

That's the truth...I've had a X3 Pro for 3 years now and am still learning new things. It's the gift thats keeps on giving and soon I'm getting an HD500. I'm gonna be busy for years,lol. So "Stick with it!"

Re: Pod HD stick with it
by duey101 on 2011-10-03 09:58:00.7660

I had a POD XT for three years before I bought my HD 500.  A world of difference and basically I have had to start from the beginning because the two are like night and day.  I have had mine a month and it really does create some great tones if you treat it like it's real gear.  I imagine a good year will pass before I get it wired.

Re: Pod HD stick with it
by fireballchaser on 2011-10-03 10:00:32.9830

Listen to a bunch of older recordings of especially blues guys.  A lot of their gear was just junk that doesn't sound half as good as the stuff here in my house (not saying I have a massive collection either).  Yet, somehow, they still made it sound better than I can make all of my stuff sound. 

Re: Pod HD stick with it
by Onepiece on 2011-10-04 05:22:25.4210

I think the 'problem' with the PODs is the sheer range of variables and options available.  Sometimes I've been unhappy with a sound I'm trying to create then I realise that I'm using the 'wrong' mic or have it set too near/far.  Alternatively a change of cab can make such a huge difference.  Just like Brazzy I'm still learning new things with my X3.

If anybody doubts what can be achieved with any of the PODs they should go to Youtube and listen (through a good sound system) to some of the demos posted there.  There's some amazing stuff!

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