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Total controll and recall ?
by Tord on 2011-10-12 09:19:30.9140

I just love the sounds of my Dt 50 all opf the preamptube configurations sounds superb with the powertubes, but the noise it generates without even turning the volym up is a little bit anoying, ill guess it can be removed with a noise suppressor in the send return loop?

I wished they hade made a Midi floorboard with the the effect section implanted so you could get to change topology and settings of the amp and also controll the the effect section with midi at the same time, effects like those in the M13 or the same packege as in HD500.

Because of what i heard so far the hd 500preamp sounds dont seam to have the same bite in the sound as the tube preamp by it self.

And ill guess thats because it is totally bypassed and the HD500 goes directly to the power amp.

I have a X3 live and i have owened many pod since they appeared in the market I, II, Xt to name them andi have allways missed that little extra crisp or bite,

Call it what you want that you get out of a real tube so with my latest the x3 i have a Blue tube from tube works in the loop and that made all the difference.

Works super in my home studio but live hmm

it is something with the pods the sound like they have a compressor activated even when you have turn all those effects of.

And it seams to me that it would bequite owerworked to have to add that to the loop chain of a Hd 500 when you connect it to a DT50 when the dt50 has a better one from the beginning.

Content : what i wanted was to controll the amp totally and a bunch of effects not a Pod Hd 500 that simmulates the topologys connected to a power amp.

Its a god Pod But the sounds is not as good as the DT50 by it self.

So have do i solve this problem without downgrade my self soundwise?

Re: Total controll and recall ?
by TheRealZap on 2011-10-12 09:53:10.1430

wow... you have some seriously wrong information there....

-the bitrate/quality is the same for HD's and the DT's

-the amp CAN be controlled by midi (although there are no effects in the amp to control except reverb)

-some people who hear abnormally loud noise from the amp when quiet, have replaced the tubes and fixed the issue.

the HD's do not "simulate topologies... unless you use the full models...

the pre models that are designed to be used with the DT's control the amp and change the topology same as it does when you change it on the amp itself.

i think you need to learn a few things about the equipment....

no offense... we all have to learn it somehow and sometimes...

but i really don't think that a single thing you said in your post was accurate.....

again... not trying to be offensive or insulting... just trying to point you in the right direction.

Re: Total controll and recall ?
by Tord on 2011-10-14 12:15:53.4860

Sorry. But in fact i didnt even write about any bitrates at all, what i refured to was the sound.

I have  listen to a lot of movieclipps on youtube where the Hd 500 and the Dt50 is demoed toghether and it doesent sound at all as the ones when they play the DT50 alone. not the same crunsh crisp or bite to the sound do you understand now  what i write?

And i have also read this forum, almost all the questions. And  for the part where i wrote about the noise from the tubes its irritating that a big company doesent solv this before they ship it to the market, because so many  almost the majority seams to have that problem . Cheap of this company if you ask me.

And to quote myself i said (ill guess its because when i refered to the bypassing of the DT50 preamp i should have written Ill guess maby its bypassed not because, english its not my main laungish( toung) Sorry

because if its not bypassed why does so many have a problem with the calibration of sound when they use the knobs of the hd 500 because if they are linked as you people say than they can work all the sound setting from the amp and store them in the Hd500 and not the other way around. And get it to sound exactly the same.

They dont have to worry about anything more than to work the effects from the Hd 500.

If it is so and only the effects can work with the amp and the settings of the amp in the HD 500 work only as a remote controll when i link them up.

If so than my problem is  solved, but if the the Hd 500 affects the sound in any other way like earlier pods and compresses the signal and make the signal less dynamic like it sounds in some movie clipps on the net with out that you even activaited the compressor effect then its not for me.

That thing i just said about the earlier pods that they where less dynamic in the sound is also a selling argument

that line 6 use them self when they say that the HD family of pods is so much better and response more dynamicly and doesent sound compressed like that any more.

I still have all the earlier pods in my home studio so i know what im talking about in that case.

And some vintage tube amps Marshall super lead and a superbass, fender tvin reverb, orange. and a 50watt none tube hagström solid state and have played and owned so many many more so i think i know what im talking about when i refear to dynamic sounds.

I will check it out myself. ill just return it if i aint satisfaid with how it responds,I will post the result here good or bad.

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