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Pod Ux1 dosnt work with microphone??
by Alsklaftsk123 on 2011-10-13 08:11:37.8880

So i bought a Pod Ux1 and installed all programs that was included in the box. Thhe only thing i want to do whit the pod, is to use the pod as a external soundcard.

The problem is that when i connect my shure sm57(dynamic microphone) into the microphone input to the pod, it dosnt record anything. I have gone into computer settings, and set my pod as the recording devivice, but when i talk into the microphone it dosnt show any soundwaves. It still says that the pod is working.

My recording program is called Reaper. I have set the pod as my recording device there to, but it dosnt record any sound when i talk into the microphone. I have set the mic-input at full.

If i plug my guitar directly into the pod, it does record, but i dont want that, i want to use my microphone.

If someone helped me with this, i would be very thankful.

Re: RE: Pod Ux1 dosnt work with microphone??
by darealagentp on 2011-10-13 13:31:41.0450

Run POD Farm software with the UX1 connected and go to the "Mixer View" screen.


The active physical input source needs to be set by the user in the software program... once you've set it, the unit remains with that input source until you change it to something else in the software.


I have a screenshot showing you what I mean...

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