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Spider IV 150 rattling
by bevins38 on 2011-10-14 10:06:40.0260

I have a Line 6 Spider IV 150 guitar amp and when I go with any clean preset or settings, it will rattle like it is trying to go into distortion then fade into a the clean sound. I don't know why it would do that. I have had no problems with any distortions, it just seems to be the clean effects that are doing it.

Re: Spider IV 150 rattling
by fflbrgst on 2011-10-15 18:33:31.5740

Not sure what you mean by 'rattling' - can you record the problem and post a soundclip somewhere?

Re: RE: Spider IV 150 rattling
by darealagentp on 2011-10-17 12:02:06.2670

That would definitely be helpful.


Does it happen if you use the Phones output? Or maybe it's a mechanical rattle of a loose component when you have a clean tone that's pushing more air/causing certain frequencies to vibrate that might not be a accentuated with a high gain tone (where frequency transients may not spike as much do to the effects of overdriving the signal to a more uniform square-wave)?

RE: Spider IV 150 rattling
by Line6Tony on 2011-10-20 14:11:35.8680

If there's nothing visually out of place, you may want to have an authorized service center diagnose and repair this issue. They can be found at

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