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Copy amp 1 -> amp 2
by chimp_spanner on 2011-10-15 14:59:50.8440

Hey all! Is there any way to copy the settings of amp 1 to amp 2 just using the front panel of the device? I figure it'd be better to get the characteristic of the distortion right on one amp first, then double it up and add a different mic type afterwards.

Also, how about a CTL: AMP A+B option? Ehhh? EHHHH?

Re: Copy amp 1 -> amp 2
by wickedcold on 2011-10-22 11:33:48.7390

I hear ya.  I definitely find it much easier to do this on the computer using HD Edit since you can look at amp A while you set up amp B.

Re: Copy amp 1 -> amp 2
by jimsreynolds on 2011-10-23 05:08:30.0410

My cheat is to take a photo of the settings of amp a on my phone and work from that with amp b.  Not as slick but saves scribbling or flipping between settings.

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