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Help with my AX2!!!
by manueljimenez on 2011-10-16 16:19:47.3850

Hello Line 6 users, I have a Line 6 AX2 212 amp, very good sounding amp by the way, saddly it broke down on me today. It started about 2 weeks ago as a malfunction on the right speaker (facing amp from behind), it was making a fairly loud low humming noise, the other speaker was working just fine so I unppluged the faulty speaker and played until today with the good one.

Today I tried playing my amp and it started good (on the functioning speaker), I was going to check if the speaker was broken or the right side amp was broken conecting it to an external 8 ohm speaker, but before I could do that I tried giggling the speaker cord to see if it was a faulty conection (with the other speaker disconected) and it started making a ritmic poping noise, quite loud and I turned off the amp, I conected the other speaker and disconected the faulty one and now that (the good one) side is not making any noise!, and the other one still hums!...

The LCD displays E01 then 28, then E01


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