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HD500: my first impressions
by solidjiver on 2011-10-18 00:35:36.0930


I bought a POD HD500 recently and wanted to share my first impressions. I have always been a little skeptical about modeling technology, but the good reviews have finally convinced me to try this out.

Simply put, I'm very impressed with the sounds I get from the device. It's amazing how well the tube amps sound. I can dial in classis blues and rock sounds on the fly. I'm playing through the power amp section of a >20 year old Fender amp ('The Twin') and I'm using the preamp models from the POD. Sounds awesome. Maybe a little bit too much treble, but nothing that can't be compensated with my guitar. Thus far I have been testing with my '91 strat plus by the way.

When it comes to effects, I have mainly tested the modeled version of some classic effects (some wahs, tube comp, ibanez tube screamer, univibe, rotary speaker, '63 spring reverb ...) and they sound really convincing to me.

Bottom line: If you don't get great sounds out of this unit, you surely are doing something wrong. I wouldn't recommend using the preamp section of a tube amp for example: I tried this (just to check out the sound) and it gave me a horrible sound.

For younger users it might be interesting to read a bit about these classis effects or about effects pedals in general. There are also DVD's to check out, for example this one:

Off course there are no rules when it comes to creating sounds, but if you follow some typical rules about effects chains, there's not much you can do wrong and you should get great sounds.

Regarding the build quality: I had some technical issues since my power supply stopped working almost immediately, but Line6 sent me a new one. No other issues thus far.

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