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new tune I recorded with the HD500 (instrumental metal)
by Santuzzo on 2011-10-20 15:00:30.6890

I just finished a new tune I wrote.

I recorded the gutiar with the HD500

Any kind of feedback on the mix, sound, tune, riffs, etc. is very much appreciated.



Re: new tune I recorded with the HD500 (instrumental metal)
by meambobbo on 2011-10-20 20:52:40.2410

yeah, my advice is to keep up the awesome work.  The guitar tone and performance is phenominal.  Mix is great.  Only thing throwing me off sound-quality-wise is the snare drum and toms sound a bit fake or something.  I dunno. Otherwise, the whole sound is incredible.

my only real piece of positive criticism here would have to be for composition.  The main thing is that if this is going to be an instrumental track, it needs more layering - another guitar part or two on top, maybe some other instrumentation, even if just some subtle keyboards.  I would also say that it feels a bit too comfortable - the riffs themselves seem to push in a kind of odd time feel, but they get repeated over and over without enough variation, especially time signature, to the point where it kind of falls into a groove.  A 5/4 or 13/8 measure every 4th/8th measure would keep the listener on his toes a bit more.  Finally, the parts themselves seem to need a little more contrast.  I never feel like it gets 100% in your face, nor do I feel like it's eerily soft.

I hope you take my criticism with a grain of salt.  This is better than anything I've ever done.

Re: new tune I recorded with the HD500 (instrumental metal)
by Santuzzo on 2011-10-21 01:16:46.9950

Thank you very much for your kind words and your feedback.

Snare and toms are indeed the hardest for me to EQ,mix and process. Maybe with the toms I gotta play around with the velocities some more to make them sound less fake.

And I agree, maybe I need to add something there, maybe some leads. I kept thinking the riffs themselves are too busy to add leads, but maybe just on top of some parts a lead guitar might work well.

Thanks again, I appreciate your input !


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