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Integrating POD HD500 and Amplitube 3?
by mirflee on 2011-10-21 05:07:12.7860

Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to use the HD 500 to trigger the effects from Amplitube 3? If so, how do I go about doing it? I've searched around these forums that the only way to do that is through MIDI or USB which is a bit of a grey area for me. I'm currently using my Toneport as my recording interface.

Re: Integrating POD HD500 and Amplitube 3?
by DeanDinosaur on 2011-10-21 05:16:55.0790

Doesn't amplitube have some sort of midi learn? Meaning that each paramter in Amplitube has the ability to midi learn. Then all you have to do when you set the specific parameter that you want to controll to midi learn and then simply press the button or whatever it is in the midi device (in this case the pod hd) and Amplitube will learn it.  I'm sure you will get more help in the amplitube forum about this, I just remember reading about the midi learn in some advertisement long ago (it's supposed to be clicking on that parameter and choosing midi learn I believe) and hope that's the case and I'm almost sure they have it in their latest version

Re: Integrating POD HD500 and Amplitube 3?
by mirflee on 2011-10-21 05:25:19.4330

Cheers, I'll google that and see what I can find.

On a side note, how do I connect them up? I was thinking, HD500 -> Toneport UX2 -> DAW (Sonar/Amplitube 3). Also, I just found out that my Toneport doesn't have the MIDI option, went and google again, found out that I could utilize the Footswitch jacks. Anyone done this before?

Re: Integrating POD HD500 and Amplitube 3?
by silverhead on 2011-10-21 05:40:46.7590

For general recording purposes you don't need Toneport as your recording interface. You can connect the HD500 direct to your computer via USB and configure your DAW to use the HD500 and its ASIO driver as the audio input/output device.

As for controlling Amplitube, I'm not sure how you do that but I don't think the Toneport will help. I know the HD500 will send MIDI commands but I'm not sure if they are sent over USB or whether you need to use the HD500 MIDI port. If the latter you will need a seperate MIDI interface to your computer/DAW - and Toneport isn't it.

Re: Integrating POD HD500 and Amplitube 3?
by mirflee on 2011-11-07 01:18:03.9480

Hello guys, I just bought a MIDI to USB cable. I'm hooking up the POD HD500 to my laptop using the MIDI outputs from the POD HD straight to the laptop via USB. Any ideas as to how do I configure the HD to send MIDI commands? Also, is it possible to use the knobs (treble, bass, gain) on the HD to control the knobs on the Amplitube 3 via MIDI?

Re: Integrating POD HD500 and Amplitube 3?
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-11-07 01:30:53.1890


Yes - you can configure the Foot Switches FS-1 to FS8 and the expresssion pedal to send outgoing MIDI messages on any MIDI channel.  You'll need to know what message type and parameters to send from the receiving device's MIDI implementation chart.

Hold down the MOVE button on the HD500 to enable outgoing MIDI message configuration.

At this time it isn't possible to use MIDI to transfer settings entered by moving the amp modelling drive, tone and volume controls.


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