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Terrible CPU Overload
by Ratpick on 2011-10-21 16:12:36.8260

Can you please help me?

I have been beating my head against a computer screen for 2 whole days now & I am just about to give up & get some sleep hoping there'll be a workable answer in my inbox in the morning.

I am using a Toneport UX2 as my guitar interface into Ableton 8 on a Macbook Pro with Mac OS X 10.6.8 with 4 GB Ram & since the day before yesterday I started noticing I was getting very bad overload distortion & philosphically (at first) followed the path of looking at the discardable effects & CPU munchers in my set, re-loading the set & even saving the set on an external drive with more room, I have obviously seen CPU overload many times & see it as a necessary stage of consolidating & freezing tracks to free more CPU usage for remaining effects/tracks.

However, one thing I have NEVER seen before was to have all effects turned off & still find CPU overload on ONE SOLO'd TRACK with NO EFFECTS in it! As I've said I've spent (wasted) two days diligently going through my set / set up time & time again until, eventually I was getting it on my YouTube videos & I finally realised it was nothing to do with my set at all!

I went into System Preferences & just switched back to plain ol' internal speakers & at last I can get decent sound quality, all be it of no practical use to me whatsoever.

Can you please tell me how to set up the software for my Tone Port input/output. I don't need to know anything about Pod Farm or Gear Box, I just use Ableton's internal devices. I am neither a sound or computer engineer but I do have partners & clients (as well as my own creative & exploratory projects). Please tell me in plain English what the problem is & how to completely rectify it.

Thank You & Good Night!


Re: RE: Terrible CPU Overload
by darealagentp on 2011-10-24 10:27:24.7710

A USB software driver software re-install would be one of the first things to try.

  1. Disconnect your UX2
  2. Download the latest Mac OSX Line 6 USB Device Driver installer here:
  3. Go to HD/Applications/Utilities. Run Disk Utility. Select your HD on the left and click "Repair Disk Permissions" at the bottom. Restart Mac.
  4. Test your UX2 with both USB ports on your Mac. In your software preferences, make sure you're using the Core Audio UX2 for audio driver option.

Re: RE: Terrible CPU Overload
by Line6Tony on 2011-10-28 09:20:31.1680

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