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Spider Jam volume drop after changing to new preset
by pnkfld64 on 2011-10-23 21:54:38.7720

  After selecting a preset, mine or factory, it may or may not be fine for a few seconds to a few minutes and then, the volume drops. This is not a volume drop from setting to setting. This is an, everything is great for a bit and then, nothing. I've tried it with the fbv express and without. It happens either way. Also, when viewing the screen, I see that the led flashes to the model settings screen when this happens. I've seen this on another thread but, no answer except take it to a service center. That's fine but, what are the results and, can it be fixed? Mine is not under warranty so it won't be free. I just don't want to spend money to find out it's not repairable.

Re: Spider Jam volume drop after changing to new preset
by stikboy on 2011-10-25 06:55:57.9830

My Spider Jam has had the same issue since 2009, it started about 30 days after I got the amp. I've been to 3 different repair shops, but the problem doesn't happen right away, so they said there was no problem. I just got a reply from the last repair shop in my area, they said an out of warranty repair would cost more than replacing the amp. I can tell you that taking the amp apart and reseating the ribbon cables will fix the issue for about 20 minutes or so, and the old repair blog linked somewhere in the forums suggests spinning the giant knob on top in each direction for about 3 minutes each way (this occasionally works for about 10 minutes.)

I'm waiting to hear from Line6 support about my amp as well, if I hear anything beyond the usual "buy a new amp" reply or the "it's $60 to look at it plus about $285 for repairs" story I'll let you know. Hopefully you are not as frustrated as I am, I should have learned my lesson when both my Vetta and vetta ii amps each only lasted about a year (but then again, my Spider Jam was a gift from my wife...)

It's too bad, I really like the amp and enjoy it - my YouTube video demo has about 10,000 views and is a popular result when searching for this amp - I doubt I'll be recommending this brand to any of my viewers anymore just based on my poor experience with the amp quality and the alomost complete lack of customer service over the last couple years. I can'r believe that I'd have to be in Europe just to have the ability to actually call customer service. Sad. Just sad.

Re: Spider Jam volume drop after changing to new preset
by pnkfld64 on 2011-10-25 23:38:26.7420

I had read your posts prior to my post. It's too bad line6 doesn't seem too interested in saying anything. every post with this issue is ignored. Please do let me know if you hear anything or find a solution. I too love the amp but would tell anyone asking me not to risk it. I have found one solution but I don't like it. It's like putting a bandaid on a sucking chest wound. I turn my channel volume up to full and it seems that the volume ramains the same after a setting change. It's almost as if the amp resets to where ever I had the volume knob regardless of the stored setting. So, I think I'll make all of the settings 100% and just turn down the guitar?

RE: Spider Jam volume drop after changing to new preset
by Line6Don on 2011-10-26 14:48:59.5370

Hey pnkfld64,

The Spider Jam uses presets to load and change its settings. Therefore it is possible that the physical location of the knob does not always match up to the actual setting the amp is using. There is a phenomenon that we refer to as knob jitter, that has similar symptoms to what you are experiencing.

Knob jitter is where say your physical channel volume could be set to say 10-15%, but your saved preset channel volume is 100%. If you are playing at louder volumes with the backing tracks, it is possible that the low end frequencies can cause the knob to ever so slightly vibrate, causing the actually setting to taper down from the 100% preset volume to the 10-15% physical knob location. This can be address by parking the knobs at either 0% or 100% and then simply loading your preset.

If the problem is not related to the knob jitter, the next step would be to try and reinstall the flash memory of the amp. Instructions on how to do so are available at the link below:

If updating the flash memory of the amp does not address the problem, the next step is to have the hardware assessed for repair by a local Line 6 Service Center. To find a Service Center in your area, follow the link below:

Re: RE: Spider Jam volume drop after changing to new preset
by pnkfld64 on 2011-10-27 11:06:39.6910

I play at low volume as I often play at night when others are sleeping. This knob jitter would be a drag if someone actually used the amp live.

I have reinstalled the flash mem to no avail.

My amp is not under warranty as I purchased used. Not groovy for me.

I have found a service center but, they will not respond to my calls or e-mail. It's a 70 mile drive so, I'm not making it blind.

Okay, the jittery knobs may explain the led screen flashing to settings. Is it poss that the pots could be replaced to fix the issue? 

Re: RE: Spider Jam volume drop after changing to new preset
by darealagentp on 2011-11-02 10:34:53.2840

Replacing the pots could possibly correct the issue, but it's hard to say 100% online (without opening up the unit and diagnosing it properly).


I suppose if you'd like the "roll the dice" and purchase replacement potentiometers, that's up to you... replacement parts can be purchased online via one of our Authorized Service Centers (Avalanche Pro Audio) here:


Still, that may not necessarily be the root cause. There's a chance the problem is actually occurring at the mainboard/CPU level. But replacing a mainboard (cost-wise) might be more than the amount you paid used for this unit.


Sorry about the problems you're experiencing. It's definitely a hardware issue internally on your unit; just not certain which component.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.