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Follow up on breaking strings and broken switch base for JTV 59
by Leftzilla on 2011-10-24 12:28:04.6070

Hey, as i am sure you are all glued to your computerss worrying about my JTV 59 issues (which were minor) I just wanted to follow up on the issues I have posted on which were a: broken base piece on alt tuning knob - turns out the glue holding the piece was the issue and the piece was not broken.  Finally popped the knob and reset the piece.  b: string breakage, I am fully convinced at this point it was the amount of time the guitar had the original set on as I replaced the set shipped with Elixirs and haven't had a problem since.  (A and D string broke within 5 minutes of each other and then the next day the low E went.  all strings broke at the same point just behind the piezo).  Thanks to all who  commented.  I also have to say Iam getting happier and happier with this guitar the more I play it.  The combo of it and the HD 500 along with the feel of this specific instrument, and the compliments I am getting on the tone are making me and my band very happy.  I just joined an original prog band who are very open to wide ranging tones, ala twelve string, sitar, detunes etc.)  And theey are reenergized by this guitar also.  My keyboard player on Saturday night was trying to explain the guitar to one of our fans and finally turned to me and said "Lefty, why don't you show off you Variax for this guy..."  So I went through Spirit of Radio, Higher, and Fight for your right to show off the distortion and detune, and Time Stand Still with Sitar, and then hit him with a 12 string open D doing Love the one your with in the space of 1 minute.  To all of you that are having serious issue with your guitars, I understand the frustration but I hope and think that you will the same experience that I have had once they are resolved.

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