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Another Variax firmware question
by cryomech on 2011-10-25 14:56:51.7870

OK.  So a few months ago I was updating my firmware for my Variax 600 through Line6 Monkey and everything locked up.  Needless to say I lost everything in my Variax and it took hours to get things working again(dont know what I did to get it working again).  Anyway, my variax will act up from time to time forgetting tones and such and Line 6 Monkey does not recogize my variax.  It recognizes my variax USB interface but does not show a firmware version for me to try and reinstall it.  I reinstalled the USB firmware with no changes.

I have read through the disussions and anyone even close to my problem is told to run line 6 monkey and reinstall firmware but if it doesnt show up there what do I do?  I downloaded the firmware from Line 6 V 3.10 but I have not figured out a way to install it.

If anyone can help me with figuring this out it would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Another Variax firmware question
by silverhead on 2011-10-25 15:06:06.7550

Line 6 Monkey has an option to 'Install from File....'  See if you can use this option to reinstall the downloaded firmware V3.10

Re: Another Variax firmware question
by cryomech on 2011-10-26 13:26:27.7970

Wow, Thanks silverhead.  It worked.  Funny, in all the years I have been using monkey I never noticed that button

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