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Unable to correct JTV-59 intonation
by bmcmanus on 2011-10-29 11:24:32.7370

After a few weeks with the JTV-59, I noticed a minor problem with intonation, most notably the A and G strings.  Also, as an longtime acoustic guitarist, I wanted a little higher action. 

I raised the bridge a tad, and when I began aligning the intonation, I noticed that the saddles for the E and G strings were already butted hard against the metal at the rear of the bridge.  The A string was nearly touching.  As I aligned each string, I found that I was unable to fully correct the intonation on the low E, A, and G strings, since the saddles were extended as far back as they would go.  The intonation is off by approx. 8-12 cent on each of those strings (the fingered 12th fret is sharp from the harmonic) and cannot be adjusted further.

FYI, the high E saddle is at the midpoint of its adjustable range, and all other strings are behind that.  It appears as though the bridge is not placed correctly.

What are the options with this problem?  Is there a way I can adjust the entire bridge away from the neck by about 1/16-1/8inch?  Should I return the instrument to L6?  Is this something a regional repair center can resolve?  Is this a generic problem with the Korean models?

Best Regards,


Re: Unable to correct JTV-59 intonation
by edstar1960 on 2011-10-30 10:49:17.5760

Hi Bud,

On the rear of the JTV59 bridge, on both the left and right (top and bottom) sides, just above the screw posts, you will see allen key sockets. These allow you to move the bridge forward (towards the nut) or back (away from the nut). You should be able to move your bridge back to allow you to then move the saddles further back and set the intonation correctly.

The JTV59 allows you to move the entire bridge up and down or back and forward as well as the individual saddle movement.

Best Regards


Re: Unable to correct JTV-59 intonation
by bmcmanus on 2011-10-30 13:55:43.4950

Thanks, edstar.  I neglected to mention in my post that the bridge is nearly as far back as it will go.   If I move it any further back, the bridge height adjustment screw will not be accessible through the slot on top.


Re: Unable to correct JTV-59 intonation
by edstar1960 on 2011-10-31 03:20:27.9250

Hi Bud,

Sorry to hear that. If you have already moved the bridge back as far as it will go, and the saddles as far as they will go, and you are still getting a sharp note at the 12th fret, then you have run out of options, and it sounds as if there may be a physical problem with your guitar such as the bridge being positiioned incorrectly so that it is too far forward. This is a complete guess of course based simply on the information you have told me.

What guage strings are you using?  The JTV59 has been designed for use with 10's and should have plenty of scope for adjusting intonation correctly when using those strings.

What strikes me as odd, is that by raising the action you are effectively lengthening the distance between 12th fret and saddle, so I would expect you should have to move the saddles and possibly the bridge forward to correct for that. If you were lowering the action then I would expect you to have to move saddles and possible the bridge back.

I would recommend that you take it to a luthier to have it checked out and professionally set up - if there is anything wrong with it then they would be able to tell you, and if it is faulty then you can contact Line6 to get it rectified under warranty.  Or you may prefer just to contact Line6 by phone in the first instance and just ask them to look at it for you.

Certainly, this is not a generic problem with the Korean JTV59's - they should all be able to be set up correctly.

Good luck with getting it resolved.

Best Regards


RE: Unable to correct JTV-59 intonation
by Line6Don on 2011-11-01 11:33:22.2020

Hey bmcmanus,

What gauge of strings are you using?

I agree with edstar1960's suggestion to have a luthier perform a setup for you, and report back to us if you run into any further issues.

Re: RE: Unable to correct JTV-59 intonation
by bmcmanus on 2011-11-01 12:20:02.8580

I'm using the D'Addarios like those that were supplied with the machine (starting with .010). 

Do I need to use a Line6-approved repair center?



Re: RE: Unable to correct JTV-59 intonation
by donfrantz on 2011-11-01 12:57:46.4000

Hey bmcmanus:

I had trouble with my JTV-59 intonation. Couldn't fix it myself. Took it to a pro and they made it perfect...

Good luck,  Don

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