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by geoffreyirvin on 2011-10-31 01:01:44.9490

Hi there,

            I have been happily using my G50 for guitar in one band and am now thinking of getting a G90 and

a couple of XVD-70s for vocals. Love the gear. My question is pretty simple though.

I live in Australia with its 240 v power system but the price here is almost double those I can buy direct

from the states. Is there a switch on the back of the receiver units that determines the 120-240 input and

so can I buy direct from the states and just use a standard IEC power cable, or are these units incompatable

for some reason? I am looking at a saving of over $300 per unit if I can buy them from the US. The difference will force me to

other brands...



Re: G90
by Rowbi on 2011-10-31 02:25:15.3720

buying L6 gear from the states would mean your warranty is only valid in the US.  the Australian L6 service centres and distributer will not cover your warranty, and I've heard they are not helpful even if you're willing to pay for any repairs if you got your gear from overseas.  I know this is a pain, but it means if you want to cover yourself, you need to buy your L6 gear from Australia.

now that aside... if you're willing to take the risk because it'll save you so much money (and you are prepared to pay for both ways shipping to get your gear to the US for servicing if it ever needs it) then I think the G90 unit can take 100-240VAC at 50 or 60Hz, which means it's totally globally compatible with any mains power.

look in the G90 receivers manual here:'s%20Guide%20(Rev%20G)%20-%20English.pdf

there's a photo of the rear of the unit saying 90-250V is ok..  in reality I think my G90 receiver says 100-240 on the back of it, so I think you're all ok on that front.

as far as the XD-V70 systems, check out the PDF that's linked here on that page: and you'll see that the receiver for those uses a DC adapter that's fine for world voltages too.  the only thing you may need are travel adapters to get teh right shape plug... or you could buy those DC adapters locally to save on the hassle of plug shape adapters.

Hope this all helps


Re: G90
by zappa518 on 2012-11-21 19:18:14.7050

i have an issue knowing what to do w/ the two 50ohm peaces they gave me ------ can anyone help

Re: G90
by dboomer on 2012-11-21 20:21:38.9170

Which 50 ohm pieces?  Antennas, cables or terminators?

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