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Using my POD xt LIVE ,,, to record
by polishfalcon on 2011-10-31 08:12:32.1110

Hello all, I recently privately purchased a POD xt live in brand new condition. Only problem is it has no manuals. I also understand it can be used to record and mix/dub whatever onto my computer. I see that the Riffworks software is no longer in production.....what to do?  I have been away from music ( AND GEAR) for 18 years and am getting back into it.....any help with what user manual to download is the suggested one for live setup and performance...also, is there an option for software to use the recording functionality...  PLEASE keep in mind i am not real techie .. I can use my computer but im not a computer whiz kid. I was an old school guitar player using my volume knob on guitar for volume control and a homemade case full of mix n match stomp box effects with a noise gate at the end of the chain, so ALL  this new style gear is cool; but to me...very confusing.  any help from the line 6 community would be awsome..  Thanks for your time

Re: Using my POD xt LIVE ,,, to record
by BigChas52 on 2011-10-31 08:17:25.6520

You can fins XT manuals here

As for recording software, you might want to take a look a Reaper.  It is VERY economical, as well as powerful, and relatively easy to use.

Lastly, make sure that you download and install Line 6 Monkey, so that you get all of your software and drivers up-to-date.

Re: Using my POD xt LIVE ,,, to record
by silverhead on 2011-10-31 09:09:29.4200

Welcome to the crazy world of digital guitar modelling!

You will have a ton of questions - don't hesitate to come here to ask, and it will certainly help to read the manuals as BigChas52 has pointed you to.

You're right - the Riffworks Line 6 Edition is no longer in production. That's because the commercial Riffworks products are now fully line 6 compatible. There's a free version (T4) as well as the Standard version. I suggest you start with the free version to get your feet wet.

To get the Riffworks products:

Riffworks is more guitar oriented, while Reaper is a much more fully featured (and hence a little more complex) audio/midi recording program. (If you're not familiar with midi, don't even think about it just yet!). No harm in comparing both Riffworks and Reaper to see which suits you better.

Re: Using my POD xt LIVE ,,, to record
by polishfalcon on 2011-11-01 12:37:57.3550


Re: Using my POD xt LIVE ,,, to record
by polishfalcon on 2011-11-01 12:42:56.7550

Thanks alot to both of you, been a huge help !!!  I will follow both of your advice....and I'm sure I'll be taking you both up on asking questions. I'm not affraid of the technology, in fact its very compact and so cool ( all that in a small package ) !!  I was just born a little to early to have grown up with it, and away from music for so long due to a family hardship ( longterm cancer..hadda sell everything and work 2 jobs) ok...enough SOB !!  lol... cant wait to get my chops back and learn my new gea and find a local bar band !!  THANKS

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